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  • Hi! I just read about your Lola and I wanted to tell you I am so sorry! It is so hard! I still cry almost every day over my Debo. I hope you are okay.
    You got it all going on.... good for you! Best of luck and I can not wait to see pictures of them together and I love the name Caleb!
    Hey lady --- so happy to hear you are doing well and baby is schedule. take ar of yourself and follow doctor orders! Glad you finally got the plaque, there was a little bump with the address but the girls got it straightened out. Good to know Lucy is well and I am sure she will love her new sibling and want to protect.... Jill (sheishistory) had a little boy about 6 months ago -- she might be able to give some advice for transition, I know the big thig many do is bring home a baby blanket from the hospital for the dog to get scent and know the baby smell.
    I'll be looking for pictures of Lucy and the new baby. take care

    HEY there --- a few of us were talking about you last night and wondering how you were and how the pregnacy is? Doing OK?
    Bastard... That just is not right, he should have allowed her to return home. She is always with you, know that in your heart.

    any chance, baby will come early or they will plan the delivery? so happy things are going well with you and the baby... Keep focused on that and I so look forward to pictures
    Hi doll... Happy New Year, so hope this is a much better year for you. How is baby?

    keep everything you want to... I still even have Nitschke very first toy, and as I said, two years later, I still can smell him and swear at times he is laying with me. Shadow box and treasure those items... They will always make you smile
    Thanks for sharing the album... :cry: your baby reminds me of my sweet boy! I actually made a scrapbook of him and have two small shadow boxes of my favorite things of his, including his collar, tags and loc of fur.
    That is amazingly rude and disrespectful.. You are not asking for anything outragous... will your breeder tell you the name of the vet so you can get some understanding?
    Thinking of you .... wanted to check in and see how you are holding up? Hugs and prayers will always be here for you
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