How long should a c-section take?


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How long should a c-section take? I watched a couple of YouTube videos and it only took 5-8 minutes to deliver the whole litter. It took our doctor at least a half hour to deliver ours, and I am starting to that why we lost 6 beautiful puppies???? Any responses would be greatful because I need closure!!! :(


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I encourage anyone that is having pups to check out the vet. Personally, I have found a wonderful vet that is using the epidural's on my girls and have had wonderful results! The pup's come out kicking and screaming :-) Just a quick play by play when doing this type of surgery..... They take Momma~to~be's front leg, shave a small spot and administer something like Xanax (mild sedative). Once she's relaxed, they then shave a small patch on the lower half of back. Insert the epidural. Then we roll her over and administer additional numbing meds where surgery will be preformed to ensure that she is very comfortable. Once the c-section is complete, mom is aware of her surroundings immediately and in tune with baby's. We have had much better luck with this as mom and pups seem to come around much quicker!! From the front door to walking out with our mom & baby's... is about a hour. Maybe less if we didn't talk so much!

Also... this vet encourages that we help deliver the pups... unlike the other vet that put's the girls out and tell's us to come look after the fact :( When "training" future breeder, he allow's me to bring "Breeder to be" into the practice to watch and assist with a delivery. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. We are willing to help in any way ....

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