Do you have the breeder or the Vet AI when you breed?

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Feb 3, 2010
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I used the vet once and had a terrible experience and now I sent my female to the breeder and I have had the best experience with her! She is going to teach me how to do it and offer the same services for breeding.
We have seen and somewhat participated in AI with our breeder. It was random, we just happened to be there to visit and happened to be when she had an AI planned. Very interesting and educational. I though the experience was great and pleasant. I guess I didn't realize you could do it at the vets office...but duh that makes sense lol.


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I am in an interesting situation where i am both so kinda funny lol


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I have not breed my bulldog yet , but the breeder I got him from does the AI. I was thinking that is the way I will go when I stud him out. I dont want any chances of him getting hurt while "locked up" We do have a good vet here in So Cal that specializes in Bullies.. And for me to take him in and have him collected for nothing, but the females family has to pay and I am not sure what that is.
I do it all in my lab & office from the progesterone testing to the collection of the stud & the A.I of the female.Vets have to send out the progesterone test to labs.that can take 24 to 48 hour to get the results back.As for The A.I I have alot better luck doing it myself.
I have fallen for the breed so much that I have started the process of adding onto my house 1,000 sq ft to have a boarding and a breeding room where I can collect from the male and do the AI for the Female. I wish that I could have a lab myself, but one day I will as my daughter wants to be a vet and already working for one.


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I ALWAYS use my vet for AI. What can be done at home, maybe should NOT be done at home. Is the area a sterile environment? The risk is NOT worth the cost of infections or problems. My vet charges $135 for AI, WELL worth the cost. And my dog gets a checkup at the same time, along with a cytology exam.

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