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Mar 25, 2011
Manteca, CA
Bulldog(s) Names
:p So I came across this site, and figured I'd join! I have an english bulldog named Rambo, hes 2 years old and is the cutest thing ever! hahaha
Heres a picture! he says hi too :)
Hi, welcome! What a cute pic. ;) The tortoise doesnt bite Rambo I take it? haha One thing I learned when I was little is although they have no teeth their gums HURT! :D We love pics, videos and stories so share please. :)
No biting haha that was his first time seeing one haha he was scared to death of it haha
but yeah those things hurt haha I dont wanna take the chance in getting bit, especially when the tort weighs over 30 pounds, that sucker could do damage haha
Welcome Danielle and Rambo!!! Nice to meet you, glad you joined us!
Welcome to the site, glad you found us. Your baby is darling. You will soon find we are one big family here and this site is very addicting.
Welcome! Is the tortoise your pet too?
Welcome Danielle....... MORE PIX!!!!!!!!... LOL... Rambo is a cutie and would love to see more pix. Tell us about yourself and Rambo. Feel free to join in, glad you signed up to EBN. :)
Hey everyone, thanks for all the warm welcomes! Rambo went in for surgery on the 23rd, and is doing a quick recovery now.
When we had adopted him, he had a cherry eye, so we finally had enough money to get it fixed. eye looks super gross now but it will look so much better soon!
While he was under we also had a mass that was removed off his back. Hes doing great, wants to play with his toys but the fiance doesnt want him putting pressure on anything lol
This was his eye, before and after.
his other eye his dad had bitten it when he was a pup, so its actually collapsed in, so he looks like a pirate in that picture, but heres a picture of him where you can see both eyes
Oh what a cutie and so handsome. Welcome! Great to hear that the surgery went great!
He is just darling! Welcome danielle and rambo too :D
his eye looks great after the cherry eye surgery :up:

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