Does your bully~bullies sleep in your bed?

Does your bully~ bullies sleep in your bed with you?

  • Yes, always!

    Votes: 18 54.5%
  • No, they have other sleeping arrangements

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  • Sometimes.....

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Jan 27, 2010
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I wanna know, are your babies spoiled :p and get to sleep in your bed with you, or do they have a doggie bed of their own, or are they crate trained?

We used to let our bullies sleep with us, but now we have too many. They are all crate trained except for the puppies, but getting ready to start that since they are 9 weeks old.


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Horse takes up the whole bed and steals my blankets, usually makes his way up to my pillow too! Thinking I might have to get a king-sized bed, although he sleeps as close to me and braeden as possible, so I don't think it would help!


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Bailey has always found her way to the bed even though they both (bailey & Kahn) have the most sylie and comfortable dog beds anyone who ever comes into our home has ever seen lol and if she isn't in our bed she is in with the kids ... Kahn on the other hand is a good boy and always stays on his bed which is good thing because he is alot bigger than bailey and there just wouldn't be enough room for four of us even in a king size bed!!


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2 out of 4 dogs sleep in bed with me. soon, a 3rd will also. the 4th has an extra large, very comfy doggy bed right next to mine. i had to upgrade from a queen size bed to a king size JUST for the dogs ;) somehow, they still manage to stretch themselves out to claim most of the king size bed.

i wouldn't have it any other way.


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Absolutely they both sleep in our bed. I love it although I do know we would get a better nights sleep without them. lol. Cutty is all over the place, loves to be under the covers but then gets hot so some nights he is hitting me asking to lift up the blankets to go under up to 5 times a night. Mugs on the other hand might move 1 time and thats about it. We have extra pillows on the bed so that everyone gets some and I admit it is ridiculous but I LOVE it. We have the doggy steps so that they can come and go as needed.
Olaf usually tries to sleep with us but some nights (like lately) he will just stretch out on the floor. I would rather he not sleep on the bed sometimes since he sonre so loud! I like it when he sleeps on the bottom of the bed best!
Ruby likes to sleep on the bed so we made a ramp for her to get up. The other 2 could care less. Totally different personalities.
Yes our baby has his own steps to get on our bed! I couldnt sleep without him...he gets as close as he can and puts his head on my leg and lays out on his back...we almost push my husband off the bed..LOL I ALWAYS make sure my baby has room next to me!
Mine always sleeps with us, but I had to get it as a Christmas present from my husband. "Here is your present, the dog can sleep with us now!!!"
Sadies pretty crate trained. I've tried to get her up on the bed but getting her to settle down is another thing. She'll usually hang out for a bit but then heads to her kennel. My other dog loves to sleep on the bed and will usually let me know when he's tired. Each morning at about six or so he'll head out to the couch.


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Yes Yes Yes. Although there's hardly any room for me and my partner with Momo on the bed, we'd have it no other way. We had a boxer (the love of my life) before and believe me, when she slept on the bed there was NO room for anyone else. Atleast Momo is a little smaller and takes up a little less room. LOL


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That's it. I gotta say it. Your bullies are all spoiled rotten furry children!! :D;):p

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