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I put a winter coat or a sweater on my guys only when we are going to go,on a longer walk, or going to be outside for a longer time. I don't use them if we are justbgoingnout for a quick potty break.
My guys don't particularly like wearing them, and will try to run away or back away from me hey see it in my hands, but once the coat is on, they are okay with it. I came across this article, and thought I'd share it with you. My hubby says I torture the dogs when I dress them up, but they are so cute, plus they have such short hair, I feel they will freeze without it. Does anyone else use coats or sweaters?

[h=1]Should My Dog Wear A Coat In Winter?[/h]
by Dr. Kathryn Primmon December 7, 2016

There are two camps of people in the world, dog people and… everyone else! I am only kidding, but there are people that think dogs are “only animals” and do not need all that we provide them with. For those people I have a thought: our dogs are not wolves and not even wild animals at all. We have taken them into human society and they have adapted to it. This process is domestication.
Domestic pets, especially indoor dwelling ones or those that have been modified by selective breeding, have unique needs akin to the needs of the humans that they share space with. We have bred dogs to depend on us for their needs. No longer are they well equipped to fend for themselves and we have accepted responsibility for them as our friends and companions. They protect our homes and possessions and we provide them with ease of living.

They live with us in the controlled climate that dwellings provide. Their bodies are less adapted to extremes of temperature. There are ways to decide if your dog might benefit from a winter coat. Consider the following guidelines.
[h=3]Coat characteristics[/h]Dogs with short, slick coats have less insulation factor. If you have a thick coated dog with an undercoat, he is the most adapted for cold, but use your own judgement. If he seems cold to you, who knows him best, he probably is. Hairless varieties, like Chinese Crested Dogs would probably really like to have a coat for any outdoor time in the winter.
[h=3]Age[/h]If your dog is a senior pet, she may be less tolerant of extremes of temperature and might really appreciate a jacket. If you feel cold, your senior dog probably is too. She is more likely to suffer from age associated disease as well and may have arthritis or metabolic issues that would make being cold feel even worse.



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Both have coats now but will be wearing them only on their long walks. Pass month been 10cel so no need. Like the article says if they are use to being outside all day, no need. My breeder all her dogs live outside. They have nice long runs with nice warm dog houses with straw and our winters here can dip to -40's cel. Great article!

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