1. J


    Around what temp. should we put a sweater or coat when outside?
  2. C

    Pup HATES walks (help?)

    We have a 3 month old English bulldog pup who HATES walks. We are in Ontario, Canada. In fairness, it’s a bit brisk (27* however not exactly super cold. We have her in a warm sweater and don’t have her out for long. That doesn’t seem to matter. She loathes walking. Now she has started...
  3. Vikinggirl

    Do Dogs Need a Winter Coat?

    I put a winter coat or a sweater on my guys only when we are going to go,on a longer walk, or going to be outside for a longer time. I don't use them if we are justbgoingnout for a quick potty break. My guys don't particularly like wearing them, and will try to run away or back away from me hey...
  4. oscarmayer

    Spotted at Walmart...

    Yes yes...I went to Walmart on a Saturday 2 weeks b4 Christmas. It was an event I care not to remember. Very very busy. But I guess that just means people are shopping and that’s a good thing. What made it worthwhile was this 95% correct(oops, long tail) Frenchie on a perftectly Ugly Christmas...
  5. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Thelma~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Please welcome Thelma to our rescue family! She comes to us after a recent local puppy mill bust that involved the seizure of 132 animals. Thelma is 3 years old and only weighs 28 lbs. She is a mess health-wise, but everyone in the shelter loved her personality and came out to bid her adieu...
  6. P

    Looking for bully sweater patterns to knit

    Gunner loves wearing a sweater, especially on that first outing of the morning. I am usually a sock knitter but would like to try my hand at a classy sweater for him. If anyone knows of an online site I would be very grateful.:D
  7. K

    My pumpkin

    So I wanted to make a pumpkin that would have something to do with dogs, and us. Then I realized I had a sweater and a hat, so it ended up being this haha
  8. O

    General Question Puppy Hates Clothing

    So our Davey hates when clothes is put on him. When I put a sweater on he instantly freezes and doesn't move a muscle until I take it off. It's a great method for calming him down but I want to see him enjoy cute sweaters and costumes on holidays. Has anyone's dog experiences this before and how...
  9. Vikinggirl

    New Christmas Sweater Photo Fiasco

    Omg what an ordeal it was to get pictures of Dozer and Blossom in their new Christmas Sweaters and Antler ears. First they were shaking their heads and knocking off their antlers and tried to eat them, then they tried to eat each others antlers, then they were trying to chew each others sweaters...
  10. Vikinggirl

    Combatting Cold Weather Joint Pain in Pets

    Combatting Cold Weather Joint Pain in Pets by VETDEPOT on JANUARY 4, 2013 It’s winter time again, and with the cold temperature comes increased joint pain and stiffness for many pets with arthritis. Of course, winter doesn’t have to be a painful time of year for your furry friend. A bit of...