1. EllieMay

    Ruff wear float coat

    Any one ever use this life jacket for your bulldog? I read that they are really good. If you have, please tell me what you think and your bulldogs size and the size jacket you have used.. I am wanting to gift one for a friend and maybe get one for Cinder this summer..
  2. helsonwheels

    Check Nyala in the background

    I gave both a bath. 3 hrs down the road Jake needed to pee. So since it’s-20 I figure to put on their jackets cause of their bath... First time Jake wearing a jacket so of course I’ll take a photo. Then I realized going over the photos, Nyala in the background....my clown!! What’s Nyala...
  3. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Marla~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Tennessee

    Marla is a six year old spayed female with a strong personality. She is an owner surrender because she does not get along with the family’s other Bulldog. She has been verywell taken care of, is UTD on shots and has no health issues. She has a dominant personality and will need to be in a...
  4. oscarmayer

    After viewing the film from the Running of the Bulldogs...

    I feel awful! Lala lost because of ME! I was way late letting her go. I also had her in a sitting position. My excuse was I was having trouble holding her...she was ready to GO GO GO! I had to hold her harness and put an arm in front of her to keep her from taking off. Lala's vision isn't...
  5. P

    New English Bulldog Mom

    Hello All, I recently adopted (rescued) a 12 week old pup who we named Pumba. Pumba is struggling in his life right now and I am trying to find the best advice I can. We love our vet for our other dogs ( Bassett and toy puddle) However I wonder if I need to go into a bigger city to get Pumba...
  6. Andy T

    Another life jacket question

    I did a search. Is this still the suggested life jacket for a EB? Pebbles is 61 lbs. Used for the pool Ruffwear - K-9 Float Coat for Dogs, Buoyant, Secure, Reflective Meant another life jacket question. cant correct title with edit function
  7. Vikinggirl

    Do Dogs Need a Winter Coat?

    I put a winter coat or a sweater on my guys only when we are going to go,on a longer walk, or going to be outside for a longer time. I don't use them if we are justbgoingnout for a quick potty break. My guys don't particularly like wearing them, and will try to run away or back away from me hey...
  8. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~TaterTot~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in New York

    5 year old TATER is an Olde English Bulldogge who is a great snuggle buddy. Tater loves to spend time with his person and will follow you everywhere. Tater has made GREAT STRIDES in foster care where he's learned some commands and is now completely housebroken. He loves the car, loves his tennis...
  9. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Homer~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Please welcome 3-year-old Homer to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. He writes: I have a strange addiction. I am addicted to water, especially the water in the swimming pool! Up until a year ago, everything was great and then I watched the summer Olympics. That is where my love to swim started. I...
  10. JennieS

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Boomer~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Boomer is a 7 yr. old male that weighs approximately 70 lbs. He LOVES everything and everybody. He is just the perfect combination of sweetness and love. 6/7/2015 Update: Boomer is now losing weight and looking good! He is just a sweet dog, but has been a lot rowdier lately. He loves to...
  11. N

    Life Jackets for Bullies?

    Has anyone bought and used a life jacket for their bully before? I've never bought a life jacket for a dog, but I think having one for our girl is a good idea. She adores water so figure it's safer since they can't really swim. Of course we will keep a close eye on her near the lake when we go...
  12. M

    Mom, you're the worst!

    I was so excited about the new jacket I got for frank. It even has functional pockets for treats/poop bags! So I put it on him and he refused to move. I even dropped a treat on the ground across the room and he wouldn't come for it. Acting like he doesn't get cold and shiver on our winter...
  13. Aria Ferraro

    Winter Jackets / Hats / Shoes ? When in NY area?

    Hi family! I have a question. You know I have lived in California for a year an over there I was fighting the heat. Now that I came back to NY I have to get used to the cold weather again and Ozzy as well. I live in an area that is REALLY windy and I am afraid he won't react well. These days it...
  14. Manydogs

    Cooling Vest

    298 Swamp Cooler™ Cooling Vest 5 (based on 129 reviews) | Write a Review The Ruffwear...
  15. Izzy's Mom

    Hyper Bully.... more like a lab mixed with a Jack Russel...

    Anyone else here owns a super active bulldog? OMG... Izzy... the older she gets (now 3 years old) the more energy she seems to have. This past Sunday I took her to the swimming group. She is the ONLY bulldog that swims without the life jacket and she was the first one in the pool... and last one...
  16. hnhammond


    Has anyone found good Doggles (or doggie goggles) that fit bullie's big heads?! It's summertime which means we'll be taking Matilda out on the boat! She has her life jacket and her sunscreen, but she really seems to hate the wind in her eyes while the boat is moving, so we're looking into...
  17. RalphieBoy

    So far baby pool

    Life jacket lock down. But their getting there. Ralphie
  18. SamiSalo

    Life Jacket Recommendations?

    Please limit your recommendations to jackets you've personally tried, used, and like! I've read through a few posts here, but I didn't see any recommendations based on experience! Thx!
  19. hnhammond

    Beach Day Essentials!

    This may be too early for most of you, but for us in LA, it's warm enough to go to the beach already. We're taking Til to a doggie friendly beach next week. I always make Til wear a life jacket near water - on the boat, pools, beachs, etc. but last time we were there we saw a few bullies, none...
  20. Manydogs

    Outward hound life jacket

    For anyone needing a life jacket for the summer, pet mountain is having a sale on these life jackets.
  21. WhitneyBlanche

    Bulldog life jacket recommendations!

    Hello all, This week is the first week in months that the temperature has been above 0! It is getting me excited for cottage season! My boyfriend and I adopted an english bulldog last month and we are very excited to get her up to the cottage this spring! We know that bulldogs cannot swim so we...
  22. Izzy's Mom

    Winter coat

    General Izzy Bear would like to thank the forum for the website suggestion on winter clothes! :) She loves her new fleece jacket!!!!