Death Breath: Major Update


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Aug 14, 2010
Atlanta, GA
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With some serious coaxing my husband and I really got into Piggy's mouth about an hour ago and I think we found the source of the problem. She really needs a cleaning but right in front of her two front teeth she has a very deep gap almost a pocket in between her teeth, almost an eighth of an inch, where we found what looked like hair growing between her teeth.

It freaked me out. Dusty was brave enough to see if he could remove the hair and it came out easily. After twenty minutes of coaxing and the use of some dental floss and some tweezers we cleaned out this odd pocket between her teeth. The smell was horrendous but it was all packed with loose hair. After looking with a good light there is gum tissue all through this pocket between her teeth, there is no hole going into her nasal cavities. I was worried she had a cleft palette that was never diagnosed but this pocket looks fully intact.

It looks like a lot of stuff has been getting caught in there and her teeth have never been cleaned. All the hair was either white or brindle so I think it's come from where she was biting to scratch herself when her skin was so irritated. So payday we are going to try and get her teeth done, but starting with her new brushing regiment we are going to have to make sure that pocket is clean.

The smell was HORRIBLE. But I'm certain we found out what it was.


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Jan 28, 2010
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Oh my that sounds pretty horrible indeed! Poor sweet baby, just goes to show how lucky she is to have you!

FYI, last time I got teeth cleaned it was right around $100, and her teeth were REALLY yellow and full of tartar. It was on a Welsh Corgi and she was only 9 months old, but she just did not have good saliva production so she got tartar really quickly. I think that price was very reasonable for how nice and white her teeth were afterwards!


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Jun 23, 2010
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You are such a great mommy, I am so glad you are taking the time and going to these measures!!!! I am partial to Oral health. She isn't old enough for any periodontal problems, must be developmental. I am not sure if the vet would do anything to close that area up. There are dental vets out there that might. Good luck


Jul 11, 2010
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I am glad Piggy is on the mend but that is pretty darn gross!


Mar 28, 2010
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Thank goodness for you! Now you can give kisses freely again without gagging anyhow. ;) At least you know what to look for in her mouth and how nice that she let you dig around in there for so long, what a sweet girl she is!!!!!!!

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