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Jun 2, 2010
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it is snowing outside, freezing, been housebound for the past few days because of the snowfall the other day and my husband went to work today because apparently the DoD doesn't stop for snow so now I am worried about him getting home tonight with a refreeze because our roads in my development are NOT good. UGH.

My bulldog keeps me sane and i got up from cuddling to post that i love cuddling with my bully. My favorite is when he puts his head on my neck, similar to what Vegas does to [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION], I'm sure you've seen those photos.

What is your favorite position that your dog lays on you?
in the morning, right after eating breakfast, Bella comes back in bed with me, gets under the covers, buts up against my chest and lays down with just her face out from the sheets. I love the early morning, sleep in snuggle!
lucy lies the other way round, she likes to put her head on my knees and lay close into my chest :luv:
unfortunately this leaves her but in my face which is ok untill she trumps (breaks wind):eek:
lex has gotten to where he will cuddle up and lay his head on my neck :)
Gertie is a strange dog, she's not a cuddler. I wish she was. She loves to stand or lay at my feet and be petted and rubbed on, but she doesn't like getting up in my lap and snuggling. I keep figuring she'll calm down as she gets older and eventually she'll like to sit with me and cuddle. But so far she doesn't. Ida has recently decided to leap up into my lap and sit with me. I love it, except that she does this when SHE wants to. Uninvited, unannounced, usually at full-speed from across the room! The other day her front nails raked my neck as she came flying thru the air and landed on me! But at least she likes to sit and snuggle a few minutes. Her game is to get up and down, and up and down, til I just finally say ENOUGH! I hope at some point both of these WILD WOMEN will calm down and just be cuddlers! :heart:
Jozi lays on my head a lot.
Its kinda uncomfortable but I
deal with it cause I like it so much.
Yes Cutty will end up with his head on mine when we are in bed and it is SO cute that I just deal with it. I also love when I am sitting anywhere in the house and he is in a cuddly mood. He will sit behind me and rest his head on my back. I remember when we first bought our house and I brought him with me to paint the house before we moved in, he kept his head on my back through most of my painting of the base boards. SO cute!
when i am at my desk (often through out the day with work and being on EBN) Bullet either lays on my feet or backs up and sits on my feet until i move. lol

if and when i do take time to sit in one of our large oversized chairs with ottman, i lay sideways and Bullet will jump up to my backside and stretch out in sort of an upright angle (as i am) and sleep there. he even wiggles a few times to get just close enough (his chest/belly on my back)....i love it! he's so funny.

otherwise, if he is snuggling in bed with me at night he puts his chest up to mine and lays parallel with me on our sides. it's cute how he likes to be close enough so when he first comes up to me it's like he is trying to sit on me but knows he will slide off to my side. :luv:

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