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Sep 2, 2013
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There was a Chew Toy that I saw here on EBN several days ago, I cannot find the post on it. The Chew Toy was long like a plastic straight stick with a handle on it, one of the Bulldogs was chewing on it. The member was showing how her Bulldog liked it, it It was white, It is hard to explain how it looked. Maybe someone could help me find the post with this chew toy on it. It was not meant to be chewed up and swallowed, it was just a tough toy. Hoping I can find this, I wanted to order Elmo one. Thank You, Susan and My Elmo Boy.
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@My Otis Susan and Elmo--I think what you are looking for is on the site justducky go on google and check it-hope this helps! Lynn

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