1. gobronco

    Bruno is doing well

    Hi people. haven't been on for a while. life's trials. Bruno is doing well. At 19 months old he still thinks he is a puppy. Ankle biter. Crazy the little white deaf dog is doing well too and had her 9th birthday a few months ago. Crazy is the one laying on the couch. Bruno is the one...
  2. F

    Found male English bulldog

    Found male English bulldog in Missouri city Texas. He had on a collar but no tag and no chip. I have notified all the local agencies and even those up to 50 miles away but I’m getting no responses which leads me to believe that he was stolen and someone for some reason just dropped him off he’s...
  3. sisters3

    Joey Started Happy Hour EARLY

    Enjoying her GRRRRONNA LOL!! Usually she has a WHITE PAW this time of the day hahahahaha
  4. S

    Coat color question

    What are the differences between coat colors red and white, fawn and white, and sable and white? I can't figure out what color my Shirley actually is!
  5. RiiSi

    Help Needed! Off the chart lymphocytes

    Does any one have any experience on lab results that has lymphosytes and white bood cells off the chart? I'm trying to get an appointment with a specialist, but the earliset is 3 weeks from now. Doggie is still doing well.
  6. gobronco

    Photo And Video Theme: FBI's Most wanted BULLDOG list

    Description: Male White and Fawn 56 pounds Tattoos: 1 teardrop under each eye Crimes: 38 chewed up socks 1.5 pairs of chewed up slippers Ankle, knee and foot attacks 1 Jail escape, made it around the corner but did turn himself in What are the details of your little criminal? Mugshot below
  7. C

    Bentley’s coat

    Hello, Need to get Bentley healthy. What food brand do you use? We’ve used Victor grain free, I meal prepped his food (white fish with veggies), royal canine & honest kitchen. I can’t seem to get his coat healthy and nice.Not sure if he’s allergic to something in our grass Or food. I wanted the...
  8. ddnene

    Best way to get rid of snakes...

    Just got a call late yesterday that my brother's dog (French Bulldog names Neo) was bitten by a copperhead... he spent the night at the ER, and he's home now resting. HOPEFULLY out of the woods, but still on antibiotics & pain meds. They live in Georgia, and unfortunately deal w/snakes on a...
  9. S

    Is it likely these bulldog puppies change colour as they grow and go brown like their parents?

    Hello, Got some super young bulldog puppies and I'm looking to buy one. I was wondering if it is likely they change colour as they grow and go brown like their parents? Their parents are fully white and brown but they have come out a more greyish colour. Thanks in advance and I'm just...
  10. Chunky White

    Chunky turns 35 today!!

    Master Chunky White turns 5 in human years today. Its been a good 5 years and he's been a blessing to me and those around him. I don't take many pics these days but will post some of the better recent ones and one from around when I got him. The first pic was from a few weeks back when he dozed...
  11. S

    A few pics of Maisie who is now 6 n half months old.

    Here are a few pics of Maisie our Fawn and white bulldog she is now 6n half month old, also sneaking in a few pics is her older brother Coco a 4n half year old shih tzu. , January 12th February 17th 3rd March 22nd March 22nd March 23rd March 12th April 15th April checking out the...
  12. xskyzx

    Major with enlarged heart.

    Major been gagging/coughing all day so took him to the vet, He got diagnosed with ( lung lesions, cranial lung field soft tissue density, enlarged heart areas of spondylosis dedormans observed), white blood counts at 17. Plus lower back arthritis . He's also been dealing with dry eyes n losing...
  13. 1Chumly

    Look what I've got!

    ' Meet Buster, everybody! He came today and is such a sweet, sweet boy. We are over the moon and can't believe our luck. He is a much-loved boy that had to find a new home as his owner is going overseas and can't take him. They were very sad. He is 7 years old and about the same size as...
  14. T

    Skin conditions

    Hi guys, We purchased an all white English bulldog named Tony last year, he is 10 months old now, Over the past 2 months we have seen changes in his skin, it started with a small round bald patch on the back of his neck which showed scaily dry skin, he didn’t seem bothered by it but more and...
  15. J

    UTI/white blood cells

    My bully is on her third round of antibiotics for a UTI (or at least that what was initially believed. December 19th, the urine showed white blood cells (50 something) and she was given CIPROFLOXACIN 250MG for 10 days. A recheck showed the white blood cells decreased by about half but a higher...
  16. J

    New From California

    Hello everyone my name is Jay I’m from Northern California and I just got my first Bulldog. She’s a White and brindle female 9 weeks old and we named her Lady Winifred or Winnie for short. I haven’t brought her home yet because my Lab got kennel cough and tore her ACL but I pick her up on the...
  17. helsonwheels

    Missing EN

    I feel so bad for this person n I figured I can post it here since a lot of members here are from Texas. If I’m not allowed please remove... I just can’t imagine if it was one of mine pups. :( Stolen/Missing Houston Tx. USA Still no news! Been gone since 5/3/19! She would be 11 months old...
  18. C

    Welcoming Chaos (New Here)

    Hi There; I’m Jo. First time here. We have a purebred English bulldog pup named Chaos who is 11 weeks. She is fawn and white and super chill so far. We also have 3 boys (10, 6, and 3). Prior to Chaos (and the boys) we had an Old English Bulldogge named Kitty. We are noticing some...
  19. EllieMay

    Slight modification

    Son & I were in Walmart a couple days ago and we passed the “ I love my dog” Christmas stockings.... but the bulldog one was the traditional red and white bulldog. My son wanted one for Cinder and insisted that we could color it right. So I bought the stocking and when we got home, I set him...
  20. J


    After the groomer he’s is very white.