1. ladywebb

    Lesson Learned!!

    It has been a bit since I've needed to post a thread...figured I should post this. Well first off, Gilbert is about 10 1/2 months old now. He is my constant shadow or personal "stalker" (whichever way you want to look at it). Gilbert seems to like to play with his toys most when I am sitting...
  2. ddnene

    Happy Father's Day!!!

    Wishing all the Father's at EBN a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!
  3. Vikinggirl

    Saying Goodbye to My Cuddle Buddy

    Hi Everyone, I have some really sad news to tell you guys, our Family is going to say goodbye to my Cuddle Buddy Bulldozer on Tuesday. I am beyond sad and heart broken, and have been crying for days. My Bulldozer, my Dozer, my Dozey, he's such a Lovebug, he looks at me with those big brown...
  4. ddnene

    Merry Christmas from EBN...

    Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas :santa:
  5. sisters3

    Joey and Friend

    Hello to all my EBN Peeps !!! One more week and we'll be moved into the new house. Its been crazy but after we get settled I will have more time for my favorite things, including EBN :) Joey has been getting new toys because she has been SUCH A TROOPER through all of this. Anyhow she wanted to...
  6. mer55


    Jackson has his brother and "uncle" with him for the next 5 days. I started here at EBN 8 years ago with Bogey, "the uncle". Ruger is Jackson's brother- all from the same breeder. Loving every minute of having 3 bullies under my roof!!
  7. bullmama

    I just realized.........Happy Birthday!

    I just realized today that EBN had her 10th birthday a few days ago on January 29th!!!! Wow - 10 years and still helping bulldogs all over! Happy Birthday English Bulldog News!!! :beerparty::confetti::birthday3::birthday2::birthday 7:
  8. ddnene

    Happy New Year 2020...

    Everyone at EBN would like to wish you and yours a safe & Happy New Year 2020!!! :newyear6: Walter was SO thrilled last year... Lol
  9. ddnene

    Merry Christmas from EBN...

    From all of us here at EBN we would like to wish you & yours a very Merry Christmas!!! :christmas10:
  10. oscarmayer

    On the Rebound Bulldog Rescue has been invited to be a part of...

    Port City Brewing's Dogtoberfest this Saturday. We will have our kissing booth set up and several of our best kissing Bulldogs will be there. I'd love to see some EBN members come out and enjoy the festivities. This event is in Alexandria Va...
  11. RalphieBoy

    Getting closer

    I took the EBN advice on ice tray yogurt treats for the boys. The first round I found I had too much yogurt in the ice cubes when I gave the blueberries a plunge. Not good. It went everywhere. Round 2. Those suckers are really hard getting out of the ice cubes. The hammer didn’t help. When I got...
  12. thett

    Sharing the love!!!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this Etsy site with all of you.. I ordered this sweatshirt last winter and i absolutely LOVE it!!! So much that I am ordering more.. It's one of those things you want to never take off. Seriously i get mad when i have to wash it..hahahah As I was browsing...
  13. sisters3


    Oh my goodness, what Joey? You haven't posted any photos of me recently to say hello to our EBN family....so MOM could you please post me sitting on my awesome summer garage bed? Sure Joey..... Also MOM could you please tell everyone hello from me? Sure Joey, HELLO EVERYONE FROM MY GIRL JOEY :)
  14. ddnene

    Happy Father's Day!!!

    Wishing all the Father's on EBN a very Happy Father's Day!!!
  15. Vikinggirl


    Wishing a Happy Easter to Everyone on EBN, and to all the Beautiful Bully Babies. I hope everyone has an Eggcellent Day filled with lots of Love, Peace, Family, Health, and Chocolate, but not for the Bullies, may they enjoy a hard boiled egg.
  16. oscarmayer

    We leave for Pimlico tomorrow AM.

    Bulldog Day is Sunday. Lala is ready and raring to go. We have several OTR reps attending with us and their 5-6 Bullies. MINI will also be there. They will be helping out with our tent activities and the kissing booth. I'm hoping that the forecast rain is not nearly as bad as it...
  17. oscarmayer

    A couple of weeks ago, EBN member paw7004 shared her experience...

    With CDB oil. http://www.englishbulldognews.com/forums/general-bulldog-talk/59804-cbd-oil.html Because of her experiences I decided to see if it made any difference with our Sr girl, Pippy, almost 11yo. She’s been an active, VERY active girl all her life...even doing agility, tunnels, jumps...
  18. oscarmayer

    Lala is officially registered for the Pimlico

    Running of the Bulldogs... April 14th 2019 from 9:00am - 2:00pm Hoping for good weather On the Rebound Bulldog Rescue will be there with the Bulldog Kissing booth. It should be a very fun event for any Bulldog lover. Would love to see some EBN people if anyone can make it...
  19. 2BullyMama

    Happy 9th Birthday to EBN!!

    Happy Birthday English Bulldog News! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: Today is the birthday of the best Bulldog forum on the web! A great place to learn, share and enjoy our favorite breed and love all our bully-babies! Share a story or some cute bully pictures! :muah2:
  20. T

    Hello All!!!!!

    Good morning EBN. Looking forward to all the awesome insight I know is out there to assist with this new adventure. All of our other dogs have been rescues. Lucy is a rescue as well. Just one that will take a bit more time, energy, patience, care...and I think some more patience. Thanks in...