Bringing home a bulldog puppy and have a 4yr old at home

ruby pearls mom

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Jul 10, 2011
Hi everyone- if anyone has some simple advice I would appreciate it.
Tomorrow I am picking up my baby bulldog- yippeee!
I just want to make the transition for my 4yr old bulldog a good one.
Any Hints??
Thanks for your help
Ruby Pearls Mom


Mar 25, 2011
Southern California
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:rofl: I thought you had a 4 year old skin kid you wanted advice about! Duh!! We had another dog who was 3 when we brought Jake home. We actually introduced them first on somewhat neutral space. We took Dena to Jakes house and they met in the front...then we brought Jake home for an hour first..then a week later he came home for good! I'm sure they will love each other! Just make sure you spread the attention on older one thicker than ever! Good luck..and congrats!


Mar 28, 2010
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Good advice [MENTION=2092]JAKEISGREAT[/MENTION]. Funny I was SO thinking the same about the skin kid. haha Now that we have that explained.... :ROFL: So long as your 4 year old is still playful (mine is 5 1/2 and still quite playful) then I would think they should be ok. Make sure you pay extra attention to the oldest and of course that one is alpha, or will want to be so make sure not to confuse the two. Older first with everything. Wont be a problem till the baby gets older but at some point there may be a struggle for power so if you set them straight from the start may save you a headache. I am NOT the one for good advice on training however there are m,any who know the right order of things and how to keep them in the right direction. :) Congrats by the way! JEALOUS!


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Jan 25, 2011
Fontana, CA
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Like everyone already said don't forget to give the older "baby" just as much attention. You just might want to give him a tiny treat too! That way he will think new babies bring yummy treats.

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Aug 4, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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:welcome: can't give advice, because we only have one spoiled princess. Can't wait to see pics of both though!


Aug 12, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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:pics: the natives get quite restless when we don't get pix... :rofl:

Welcome to EBN... glad you joined and feel free to ask questions and join in the fun.

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