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Jun 27, 2024
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Hi friends. I'm currently buying 4health grain free puppy food for my son's 5 month old pup. He's 75% English and 25% American Bulldog. Is this a good brand of dog food, should I be adding anything else for his health and when do I switch to adult food? Any advice is welcome. I just want my son to enjoy as much time as possible with his pup. Making him as healthy and happy as possible! Ty fellow Bulldog owners and professionals!!
IMO that food is far too high in pulses for me to feed.
That being said, at 5 months old you will be transitioning to adult food soon. I wouldn't bother changing out your puppy food right now, just start planning for which food you want to switch to. With that decision made, you can then slowly start your switch to it in a few more weeks.

We are currently doing well on Open Farm w/ Ancient Grains.
Not a great food as Benny suggested… look for your adult good and make that switch at around 8 months.

Open Farm
Earthborn holistic

Are a few of the higher quality brands

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