1. 4WHLN

    Irritated Eye

    :help: Short summery here: Dooley is having a rough summer this year it seems. Couple weeks ago we were at the vet for his bi-annual right ear infection.I tell ya, these Louisiana summers play hell on a EBD ear canal no matter how clean you keep them. I guess one is better than both am I...
  2. S

    The Honest Kitchen/gas-help needed

    Hello I have been feeding Fromm Pork and Peas for the last two years. Red still gets yeast infections and has tear stains. It isn't the looks of the stains it is he scratches and rubs his eyes on the carpet. I recently tried Zignature limited ingredient pork. Open Farms pork and root...
  3. R

    Fromm drops chewy.com as a retailer, time for new food

    Chewy has been so fast, affordable, and convenient for me, I've been extremely happy with them. So it pissed me off when I found out today that Fromm thinks chewy is big and bad and ugly because they got bought by PetSmart and now refuses to let chewy sell their product, and instead suggests I...
  4. A

    Complete Cure for Tear Stains!!!!

    Has anybody noticed reduction in tear stains when feeding rice. I was feeding rice along with meats and so on and have noticed that my bully has no stains now. I couldnt believe what i was noticing. It took a month but they cleared up. I put him back on several dog foods and they came back. So...
  5. D

    Help Needed! new puppies eyes look puffy

    Hello. I'm a new OBE mom. I have an almost 8 week old puppy and his eyes seem irritated. He doesn't whine or scratch at them, and doesn't rub them. I can't tell if it's just tear stain or if they are swollen. We are feeding him Life's Abundance grain free "all life stages" food. He had been...
  6. AdorabullHenry

    Tear ducts are red and raw

    My poor Henry's eyes water a bunch. We try to keep them dry and clean with witch hazel, but I was really sick over the weekend and neglected his grooming. Now his tear ducts are red and inflamed and one side looks very raw. Any advice on what I can put on him to soothe and heal it? I don't want...
  7. Libra926

    The Vegas Story... Our life with Epilepsy

    At first, documenting anything and everything Vegas related was very important to me. I wrote this article for a sister forum that has since been shut down. Thankfully Lisa was able to save this article from being deleted. Over the years I've referred people to this article simply to let them...
  8. bullmama

    Elmo with no tear stains- look at that gorgeous face!

    The title says it all! This is My Otis boy Elmo, she sent this photo in email that she was trying to share from her phone.
  9. B

    ACL tear

    My 7 year old bulldog Brutus has had a partial ACL tear for some time now, over the last few days I believe he has now fully torn it. I am looking for advice/information/ treatment options that some of you may have for how to care for this and how recovery went. Thank you!
  10. P

    Josephine has a little eye irritation

    The white of Josephine's left eye is a little pink. Just a little blush to it and it is normally a clear white. I noticed it the first time yesterday evening and then this morning it was a little goopy. Just a tiny bit of whitish sleep around it when she woke up. I have flushed it out with eye...
  11. Cbrugs

    Cleaning face folds/wrinkles

    Louie will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and has been home for a week now. I have been wiping his folds and face once a day with witch hazel on a cotton pad. I'm trying to get him used to a daily face wiping which is a struggle with him, he gets so mad. His face is all white so I want to try to keep...
  12. N

    tear stains and toe sores.

    my 22 year old company created a product that removes eye stains quickly and safely. Also a product to stop toe redness, sores and itch. I do not want to sound like a spammer on here but i am an inventor and created these safe and effective products to aid my English Bulldog Humphrey. If...
  13. C

    Tear Stain Improvement Journey

    Hi, just wanted to recently share my experiences dealing with Crabcake's tear stains. Almost immediately upon arrival, he went from a completely beautiful white face to immediately battling some bad tear stains as you can see below. About 6 weeks ago, I started through the recommendation...
  14. S

    How much Zyrtec to give

    Hi Since Red had is entropian surgery his eye has been looking good with very few tear stains. In the last week his eye started watering again and looks like yeast is coming back. He also rolls to scratch, licks his paws. I'm thinking he may have some airborne allergies and don't like giving...
  15. B

    Brand new Bully

    Hi all, I have just adopted a gorgeous Bulldog called Bella :-) She is a rescue, and has been used in a puppy farm, so she has quite a few issues that we are working through! I absolutely adore her - and am working hard to understand her needs - as I realise that looking after a Bully is...
  16. S

    My Bulldog is very destructive.

    Hi everyone. I really need some help. My 8 month old female Mia is very destructive. She eats everything she can. She has put holes in my walls. She eats carpet, chews on everything she can get her mouth on. We started crating her and it does nothing. She continues to destroy everything in my...
  17. TheLost

    Thoughts on Zignature?

    Kevin's allergies have started getting worse.. The vet recommended putting him on Apoquel but i want to try a new food before we go that route. One of the foods recommended was Zignature Kangaroo. I've seen Zignature mentioned a few times on the forums but i don't see it on the food rating...
  18. osiris20025

    Red skin, tear stains , allergies ?

    What could this be ? Food allergies ? So Achilles tummy, jaw, chest and in between his legs has some red marks and spots. Doesn't cause him any pain or any real discomfort that I have noticed. Not sick or change in attitude, he's still super happy and full of energy. I just don't know what this...
  19. J


    I have a 2 year old male. He became lame on Christmas Day. I was told he needed surgery. And the cost is $3000 I don't have the money to do the surgery. Has anyone ever had to deal with this? And can it heal on its own? Please help..
  20. asherose

    And I'm back!

    Hi everyone! I've been gone for a little while...getting married will do that to a girl! Anyways, I'm back and just had to tell you all how great the kids were at the wedding! Obviously by kids I mean Sargent & Dutchie !!! The actual children in the wedding did great too..but the dogs stole the...