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  • Do you notice the phlegm right after eating raw meat? Or is it there at other times too.
    Part 2
    Your EB is neutered, I think. So keep a good watch on his weight. The lack of testosterone makes them sluggish and gain weight.
    2-3% of the ideal adult weight per day split over 2 meals eventually.

    For recreational bone, I would suggest lamb leg bone under supervision. They like to chew the head of the bone.
    If it splinters, it will eventually, take it away and discard. Stay away from cow bones.
    I don't feed fish, so no comment.

    Once you complete the switch to raw, watch for:
    gulping and regurgitation - reason: pure greed
    runny stools - reason: too much meat and organs, too little bone
    very hard stools - reason: too much bone
    bright red blood in stools - reason: bone fragment possibly
    diarrhea - reason: bad meat
    dark red blood in stools - reason: unknown; immediate vet intervention
    vomiting a while after eating - reason: possibly swallowed a large chunk with bone or bad meat

    Splitting reply into 2 parts since there is a 1000 character limit.

    Chicken fillets are a good start. Don't bother making them bite size, unless you are mincing it.
    The size of your palm is good enough. This is true even when they have bits of bone in them.
    Bulldogs think they are wolves, not mutant wolves. So will gulp down food, most of the time without tearing or chewing.
    Once George is off kibble, he will need nutritional bone and may be recreational bone.
    Nutritional bone can come from chicken, turkey, small game birds. I can reliably source only chicken, so my dogs have no choice.
    Chicken/turkey you can feed all parts, except the head; yes even feet is fine.
    In fact chicken feet (occasionally) is a good source of nutrients for strengthening joints.

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