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  • Sometimes Charlie gets little red spots under his neck, that look kind of similar. I have an antibiotic cream that I use on his folds from our vet. So I usually put some on his spots if I see any. But if he's scratching then I could see how they would crab or if is rubbing himself on the furniture to itch. I have also used neosporin but I'm not a vet or anything, just a bulldog mommy. I don't know if this helps at all. Good luck
    Hi Mcleanb7... This is a great place to look for assistance with any bulldog questions šŸ˜Š. I have had a little experience with tail pocket infections. However, they have always cleared up using Malaket wipes. I also switched to grain free dog food Ltd. ingredient "Instinct" lamb and venison. My bullies always seem to react to fowl & grain. Good luck!
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