1. D

    How do you keep a young EB entertained when you’re working?

    This is my first post but I have been lurking on this site for some time after getting my dog Mayo last May. Mayo is a 15 month EB and I feel like he needs constant attention every time. I try taking him to daycare 2x a week when I’m working or busy. I also try to walk him in the morning...
  2. 1Chumly

    Heat warning!

    This was just posted on my local bulldog group FB page here in Houston so I am posting it here as a warning to us all. So very sad. Everyone, please be careful this summer, it will be very hot. A week ago, my husband and I went out for a walk with our English Bulldog. It was about 8 PM and it...
  3. bulldogs1501

    Moose Growling All of a Sudden

    Hello!!! Some of you may remember we recently moved to a new house at the start of the summer. Moose has adjusted well and knows this is his home. I feel like he has become more cuddly in the last few weeks, but still the same stubborn bully we love. Ever since he was a puppy and could jump...
  4. sisters3

    Joey and Friend

    Hello to all my EBN Peeps !!! One more week and we'll be moved into the new house. Its been crazy but after we get settled I will have more time for my favorite things, including EBN :) Joey has been getting new toys because she has been SUCH A TROOPER through all of this. Anyhow she wanted to...
  5. EllieMay

    Summer for Cinder

    Just a quick hello to all of our Bully Comrades out there.. Cinder is doing great and hopes everyone else is too!
  6. EllieMay

    Ruff wear float coat

    Any one ever use this life jacket for your bulldog? I read that they are really good. If you have, please tell me what you think and your bulldogs size and the size jacket you have used.. I am wanting to gift one for a friend and maybe get one for Cinder this summer..
  7. mer55

    We are BAACK!

    Hello so many old friends and hopefully many new ones! It has been years since I was here- for those that remember, I had Bogey from 8 weeks, and at age 2, let my son take him while we traveled around the country in an RV which Bogey HATED! My son and Bogey bonded that summer and the rest is...
  8. C

    Urine Odor

    During the summer, my boys urine smelled horrible. I would describe it as smelling like "tar" (I think the chemical odor is actually called mercaptaina). It wasn't particularly dark in color. I would "lead him to water but..." he just didn't seem thirsty. Was this a sign of a dietary issue, or...
  9. B

    Help Needed! Reoccurring UTI

    Good day everyone, I hope you are enjoying the summer. It’s me again asking for some opinions on a reoccurring UTI. Bella, an 80lb 11 year old female spoiled bully continues to have reoccurring UTI, here is where we are for 2019: January 6th she was on Amoxiclav for 28 days for a UTI February...
  10. cefe13

    Summer photos

    Been warm here lately so Castor has been enjoying outdoor life As usual, Castor looks like he's only got two legs. When we had a bbq, Castor snacked on a reindeer bone Perhaps some meat for me too?
  11. cefe13

    Tumbled into bed

    Castor came home yesterday after two weeks at summer camp (ie the boarding kennel he goes to when we go on holiday). They take good care of him and he really likes it there, but he is always really tired when he comes home. When he came into the house, he went straight to his comfy bed in the...
  12. sisters3


    Oh my goodness, what Joey? You haven't posted any photos of me recently to say hello to our EBN MOM could you please post me sitting on my awesome summer garage bed? Sure Joey..... Also MOM could you please tell everyone hello from me? Sure Joey, HELLO EVERYONE FROM MY GIRL JOEY :)
  13. ddnene

    Too hot to eat?!!

    SO I'm in the middle of a transition faze for the pups... going from Fromm's to Acana (and of COURSE that article came out!!!) Anyhoo... my long term plan is to switch them to raw/freeze dried raw when we get home from vacation, I don't want to put my dog sitter thru all the hassle. My pups...
  14. ddnene

    Wally pulled his hammy... Ugh!!!

    This weekend was my daughter's HS graduation... so we had family in for the last several days. Last night I noticed that Wally was not putting weight on his back leg, and ALL night long he kept growling and pacing. I luckily had some Metacam, so I gave him some of that and he slept for an...
  15. Cbrugs

    Cooling towels

    Anyone use those cooling towels or bandanas? It's going to be hot by the end of the week and we are expecting a hot summer. I saw this one on Amazon and am wondering if they actually work and are worth it.
  16. Ibrakeforbrachys

    Our beloved Bacon

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to write and say we had to help our boy over the bridge on Saturday. We got Bacon from an ad on Craigslist in September of 2017. I knew from the moment I saw him that he needed us. Little did I know how much we needed him. We were told he was 7 at the time we...
  17. cefe13

    Dreaming about spring

    We were looking at pictures from last summer and found this one of our boy.
  18. sisters3

    Is Joey Losing Her Girlish Figure?

    Question.....I see other bully photos taken from this perspective and they appear to have a rather well defined waste. Ummmmmm does Joey need to go on a diet? She weighed 65ish pounds at her well dog check up over the summer. The vet did say not to worry BUT to cut back on amount of kibble at...
  19. B

    Tremors and heat

    We got a 2 yr old bulldog in June. She had so many issues, including tremors. We've got her in much better health now, and tremors were almost nonexistent. We got new furniture, and now her new thing is to lay on my lap. Her head is right on my stomach, and cuddled up. It's the best. :)...
  20. M

    Toasty Eb Jake

    Does any one have a EB that loves the fireplace? Jake pants all summer long but once the fire is on its his favorite spot to snooze!!:rolleyes: