1. C

    Bald spots please help

    Have a 6 month English Bulldog and recently started getting 3 bald spots. One in his neck and 2 on his body. They are very small but nothing I've seen before. Wondering if y'all know what it could be. Has me alittle worried. Idk if it a food reaction but berly came up and has been eating Acana...
  2. rocco24


    I just wanted to share a recipe online for pupsicles! We live in desert Nevada so I’m trying any treats that can keep my puppy cool! Ingredients -Plain Nonfat Yogurt -Peanut Butter -Banana -Puppy Teething Sticks I blend the yogurt, peanut butter and banana all together and place in little...
  3. ddnene

    I'm totally floored... Lol

    Many of you know about Walter's issue w/his anal glands... and he would daily go thru this barking at his butt thing, which we always attributed to his anals being full. This week he had a vet visit because he has a superficial tear in his eye, and I mentioned to her that he was limping on his...
  4. S

    baby food

    Anyone ever use baby food veggies and fruits to mix it to get veggies and fruits in diets. I use to feed a satin balls type recipe to feed to another dog and I mixed it into the mix. Thoughts?
  5. ddnene

    SKUNK attack... need help!!!

    I have a dear friend who's bulldog got sprayed by a skunk... she has bathed him over and over... HE still smells, and she even had a company come to her home to clear out the odor w/enzyme cleaners. It didn't help either, they are going to have to come out again!!! IF anyone has a recipe or...
  6. sisters3

    Let's share recipes!!

    I thought this would be fun, so many of us have been here YEARS, it's time we swapped some recipes :) I love learning about cooking and family heritage, so I'll go first and REALLY HOPE others join in..... Our Dad was first generation in the United States (his parents are from Hungry) Our...
  7. A

    Is this a good balanced raw food recipe or do I need to add more? if so what?

    Hello, so I am thinking about feeding raw to my pup, here is what I would do: 1 of these Ground protein (Turkey, beef, chicken, duck, etc) + Nupro dog supplement, here are the ingredients of nupro is this enough nutrients for daily feeding? if...
  8. C

    Need help

    Hey everyone, new member! I joined because I wanted to get some expert opinions on what my dog myight have, seems like allergies but im not sure ill post some pictures and hopefully you guys can help me out. She has a vet appointment monday. Shes a female, 6 months of age we just got her 2...
  9. M

    How much should I feed Duff?

    Duff is 1.5 years old and weights about 70 lbs. He is in great shape, active, loves to run and play soccer. We feed him Fromm Salmon À La Veg Recipe and follow their guideline (60 - 80 lbs - 3 to 3 2/3 cups daily). I'm constantly see reports of EB's that are 50-60 lbs and rarely hear about 70+...
  10. T

    Kibble Decisions Ugh!

    So Millie seemed to be getting bored with Pork and Peas so I thought I would try beef frittata. She actually loves the frittata but has gotten itchy paws and a yeast infection in her tail pocket about the same time of changing food. Of course this could be a result of the new protein or not...
  11. 2BullyMama

    Turmeric mix recipe

    1/2 cup - Turmeric powder (*make sure that the turmeric powder is organic and is loaded with curcumin!) 1 cup - Filtered water 1 1/2 teaspoons - Freshly ground black pepper (increases absorption) 1/4 cup - Organic, cold pressed coconut oil Heat water in the pan and add turmeric. Stir it, it...
  12. 1Chumly

    Zignature response regarding FDA report on DCM

    I feed my boy Zignature and I know others on here do as well. I sent an email to Zignature asking if they were going to modify their recipes after the FDA report. This is their response. Hello Pamela, Thank you for your email. Zignature is aware of the studies and articles that have...
  13. A

    Food ??? Steps???

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to ask a question. Debbie will be turning 10 weeks Tuesday. When we got her hime the breeder was feeding her Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe. Reviews on this? Debbie is doing very well with potty training. Still some mishaps at night but in due time I think...
  14. LoveBug

    Temporary soft diet - Is this a good food?

    Next month Bug is having palate & nare surgery and needs to be on a soft diet for a couple of weeks. I want to start introducing it before then so she doesn't have an upset stomach. I found a canned food that has similar ingedients to her kibble: Whole Earth Grain-Free Red Meat Recipe. Anyone...
  15. Hceril

    I think they know when is their meal prep day!

    I am trying a new crock pot recipe I found online... we will see!
  16. NigelsMom

    Need to find a new food...HELP!

    So there have been changes to pet food companies so I don't know how updated our Dog Food Ratings page is since it is from 2011 - I need to find a new food for Nigel so please share what you are feeding and help me make my decision. I know he needs a grain free recipe and he does experience...
  17. S

    Allergies & Food

    Hi All Happy New Year. My Red has been eating Stella & Chewy Raw Blend Red meat recipe for months now and his tear stains went away with this food. In the last couple weeks the tearing has started up again and he is back to licking his paws. I'm also using Zertec. Just wondering if I need to...
  18. Mcleanb7

    Skin allergies and food

    So my bulldog has a lot of food allergies. He usually eats Nutrisca Chicken and chick pea recipe (believe it or not he WAS NOT allergic to chicken), which eliminates his food allergies, but his skin still looks bad most of the time. His facial folds and wrinkles have always been the issue. He...
  19. K

    OLLIE dog food

    Has anyone tried Ollie dog food? It’s a homemade fresh food that’s shipped to your house (subscription) They just came out with a potato free recipe (my oldest EB is allergic and makes his folds irritated/yeasty.) It seems to have good ingredients. I would still continue to feed my dogs FROMMS...
  20. S

    Stella and Chewy

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Stella and Chewy Raw blend red meat recipe I switched Red from Fromm pork and peas and his tear stains and paw itching went away bit the gas is horrible. Was told to try Nature vet enzymes plus probiotics and I think it might be even worse Any...