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May 2, 2013
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning dog owners not to feed their pets any Performance Dog frozen raw pet food after a sample tested positive for Salmonella and Listeria. These bacteria represent a serious threat to both human and animal health.
For details, please visit the following link:
FDA: Do Not Feed Performance Dog Raw Pet Food

[h=1]FDA Warning Neglects to Tell Pet Owners the Worst Part[/h] [h=2]The FDA must be stopped.[/h] September 27, 2019
in Pet Food Ingredients


Graphic, horrendous evidence of pet ‘food’ ingredients and manufacturing conditions ignored by FDA.
The FDA issued a public warning yesterday (9/26/2019) regarding Bravo Packing (not Bravo Pet Food). The warning was solely about potential Salmonella and Listeria contamination of the pet food. What the FDA left out…is criminal beyond words.
The FDA warning about the pet food made by Bravo Packing – Performance Dog – warned pet owners not to feed any Performance Dog product “after a sample tested positive for Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes (L. mono).” The FDA warning details the potential risks to humans and pets from pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria – paragraph after paragraph of bacteria ONLY warnings.
The FDA warning did not tell or warn pet owners about the horrendous conditions at this pet food manufacturing facility, or the horrendous ingredients used by and sold by this company – that FDA is well aware of.
But Mollie Morrissette didn’t ignore those concerns as FDA did. On the same day as the FDA warning, Mollie Morrissette posted graphic images and details of a pet food manufacturer, a pet food ingredient supplier, and a veterinary school provided by a whistle blower exampling the horrors of pet food the FDA continues to ignore. As it turns out – Salmonella is the LEAST concern.
The graphic images of the post will not be shared here, Click Here to read the post and view the images. Warning in advance – they are very disturbing.
A material hauler to Bravo Packing provided pictures of maggot filled dead animals – actually maggot filled dead animals euthanized at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, stored in the PA Veterinary School’s maggot filled cooler room. The maggot filled euthanized animals are picked up in an un-refrigerated truck and transported to Darling International – a rendering company that supplies ingredients to pet food.
Open barrels of euthanized animal intestines – also filled with maggots, also inside the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine cooler room, also destined for pet food.
As well, pictures were provided of sick, downer cattle laying on the floor next to a dead horse – inside a building of Bravo Packing. Certainly sick – skin and bones horses are standing in a field next to dead horses on the ground on the property of Bravo Packing.
The ‘manufacturing’ facility walls were stated to be filled with rat holes. is told that Bravo Packing makes pet food for other manufacturers too. If you provide your pet with a product in packaging or with labeling anything similar to the Performance Dog product below – call the company to ask if ingredients are sourced from Bravo Packing.

Unfortunately, there are potentially hundreds of other facilities just like Bravo Packing all across the US. All picking up sick, downer, euthanized, maggot filled animals/animal parts and delivering them to rendering facilities or making pet food directly from this waste.
And the FDA’s only concern with all of this? Salmonella.
Because FDA openly allows pet food to contain maggot filled euthanized animal intestines, maggot filled euthanized animal carcasses, dead, diseased, or downer animals. And – the FDA doesn’t believe pet owners should be told if their pet food contains maggot filled euthanized animal carcasses.
FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine Director Dr. Steven Solomon’s statement to – April 30, 2019:
we do not believe that the use of diseased animals or animals that died otherwise than by slaughter to make animal food poses a safety concern and we intend to continue to exercise enforcement discretion…”
Dr. Solomon’s response to ATPF regarding disclosure to pet owners of waste ingredients in pet food – April 30, 2019:
we do not plan to issue pet food standards of identity…we are denying your request.”
Enforcement discretion“. Those two words are the foundation of many pet owner nightmares. The nightmare of NOT KNOWING which pet food is using maggot filled euthanized animals or which pet food is using sick downer animals because FDA is choosing “enforcement discretion” of law.
Tell the FDA to STOP allowing diseased animals or animals that died other than by slaughter in pet food, tell them to STOP enforcement discretion. Email the agency at [email protected].
Tell your Representatives in Congress to STOP FDA’s “enforcement discretion” of pet food. If you are brave enough to look at the pictures provided on – send those pictures to your Representatives demanding this horror to stop. To find your representatives in Congress, Click Here.
This will not stop without our efforts. PLEASE send your emails.
My thanks to Mollie Morrissette of for bringing this horrific issue of the lack of enforcement of law in pet food to light.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

That is me censoring myself.... GROWL

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I say make all Pet Food Co lobbyists EAT what their represented companies produce.
FDA is so bought!!! Just like pharmaceuticals paying them out to shut up. All these meds with all the side effects killing people? “And that’s ok“
I swear in my next life I need to come back as the Supreme Court judge.
The maker of the document ‘pet fooled’ is working on another ... and it is focused on the FDA. Following petfooled on Instagram and see what he is going through with them.... infuriating

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The maker of the document ‘pet fooled’ is working on another ... and it is focused on the FDA. Following petfooled on Instagram and see what he is going through with them.... infuriating

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I just added them on my Instagram ty

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