1. B


    Hi, I am new to this forum, never posted before but have read a few threads before. So my English bulldog, Benny who is 2 years old finally had his tail amputation surgery 3 days ago after battling infections constantly and so I was wondering if any other owners had any information on cleaning...
  2. Maxthebulldog1210

    Please help

    Max my bulldog has transitioned to raw, after months of acana duck and pear. Currently he is on 2 patties a day. Well, took him to the vet last Friday to get dhpp, rabies and bortdatella. This was Friday, Saturday I also gave him flea medicine, frontline. He weighed 43 lbs but only had the 45 lb...
  3. BabyDuke


    Hi Everyone! Well tonight is the night:w00t: . our first Cytopoint shot! Poor Oliver ( he is almost 4) has had HORRIBLE allergies. he is allergic to .. well lets just say everything. :ashamed: Last year after a night of blood all over from him rubbing his eyes and skin so bad and being on...
  4. J

    UTI/white blood cells

    My bully is on her third round of antibiotics for a UTI (or at least that what was initially believed. December 19th, the urine showed white blood cells (50 something) and she was given CIPROFLOXACIN 250MG for 10 days. A recheck showed the white blood cells decreased by about half but a higher...
  5. L

    Heats turn into silent heats?

    I hope I'm posting in the correct section. I have a bitch that bled quite a bit during her first two heats. Her last heat was due in August. Her vulva swelled and stayed swollen for 14 days, but she never bled and never showed interest in letting my male try to mount her, so I skipped out on...
  6. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Ruby & Tank~Bonded Pair of English Bulldogs Available for Adoption in Illinois

    I came into CEBR separately but have formed such a close bond and love for my foster brother Tank that CEBR has decided that we should be adopted as a bonded pair and stay with each other forever – Yay for us. You may have heard of us by our celebrity couple name #Truby. I’m 16 a month old...
  7. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Cash Money~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    11/8/19: Please welcome Cash Money! His owner was no longer able to care for him, so she asked us to find him a new home. He needs to be vaccinated, neutered, have his palate shortened, had his saccules removed, nostrils widened, and his teeth cleaned. He appears to have chronic ear infections...
  8. helsonwheels

    Raw Ratio

    I get asked often about ratio in dog’s raw meals. Rule of thumb, the meat/protein needs to be at least a good 65% preferably 70-80% n the rest would be organs, bones n blood. If you see on your raw ingredients saying 50-60% moisture, I would ask the company what they mean by that. Moisture like...
  9. J

    10 month old with terrible skin problem

    For the first 6-7 months he was perfectly healthy and out of nowhere my sweet baby started developing papules/pustules all over his body. These are filled with a little bit of pus but mainly blood and tend to be dark colored. (They pop when he plays with his big brother Zeus who is a boxer) They...
  10. Vahe418

    Lip swelling

    Hi everyone, so this morning I noticed the bottom lip of my puppy was swollen and when I wiped his face I noticed a little blood on the napkin from that same lip area.. it almost looks like a cold sore but maybe not.. anyone know what this is from?
  11. B

    New baby bully and new member

    Hi everyone! We just purchased our very first bully, she is 11 weeks old, adorable and hysterical. Can be a bit of a devil at times though too. Lots of biting, chasing feet, etc. She got me really good today, blood and everything. I thought she was climbing up in my lap for a cuddle but she took...
  12. helsonwheels

    Blood Pressure Pills RECALL!!!

    Whoever takes high blood pressure pills, please check which ones you have!! Same people for Zantac... go figure!! produced in China and India and tainted with NMBA, NDMA...
  13. R

    Help Needed! Watery rusty red/orange saliva staining on dog bed from mouth

    Hello there, Every morning I find a watery rusty red colour stain from her saliva wherever she sleeps - Is this bleeding from her gums or stomach acid? It doesn't smell like blood Please see picture below, anyone know what it is? Thanks Roxy
  14. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~DaisyMae~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    My name is Daisy Mae and I'm 3yrs old. I came into the club because my elderly parents couldn't take care of me anymore. My mom got the news from the dogtor that I most likely had B Cell Leukemia and she said she would rather "let me go". The dogtor didn't want to "let me go", so she asked mom...
  15. rjisaterp

    Grain Free Dogfood And Cardiomyopathy

    What Dog Owners Need to Know About the FDA’s Grain-Free Diet Alert By Anna Burke Jun...
  16. rjisaterp

    Jewel Is On Chemotherapy

    Jewel is on Chemotherapy for a Mast Cell Tumor which was removed. The tumor was subcutaneous which I noticed in January and brought to the vets attention. The tumor was aspirated and certain cells were found that warranted the tumor to be removed. The tumor was surgically removed and was found...
  17. TooTooMommy

    Vomited red blood, and black, tarry diarrhea :-(

    :( We always knew that NSAIDs can have the horri-bull side effect of stomach bleeding (and other bad ones!) , plus, we know that black stools mean "old blood". Anyway, we weren't home when it happend, but Thursday at 5:00, DH came home to find Sophie sleeping peacefully and in NO distress, but...
  18. N

    Chronic UTI while in heat

    Both my bitches get a UTI while they're in heat. they are mother and daughter. Does anybody else have this, this screws up my AI. It is so hard to tell when they are in standing heat. I do have a stud in my house and that's normally how I can tell when they're in standing heat but it seems like...
  19. J

    Bulldog head tremors

    Do any of your dogs have head tremors and what do you do? My chunk just started them last year she is 3. I took her to vet she was on steroid pills for 3 months 1 every other day. I have a log I keep. They say only suppose to last for a few minutes hers last a where from 10 min to half hours...
  20. berlin78

    General Question Bronchitis

    Bella constantly likes eating grass. She does it all the time. Last weekend we caught her chewing on a long grass in the yard and the next morning at 1am she puked up a rather large amount of it when we were sleeping. For the following 15 minutes or so she kept hacking almost like dry-heaving...