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  • I'll ask my rescue friend there. Just in case your ex-hubby falls through, when do need a bully-sitter? I know what you mean about finding someone trustworthy to look after them. My bf and I are paranoid about our boys too.
    Hi! So I saw your plea for a trustworthy bully sitter. I know someone in Ottawa who owns a bulldog, and actually volunteer for a rescue as well. Ottawa's not too far from you, right? Let me know and I'll ask her.
    Right now Inspector Wilson is busy chasing a couple leafs that are falling off the trees that the breeze is blowing them around. :laugh:
    Hi Bree, I'll PM you my address and you can send it to me to hold. Inspector Wilson will see that it is well taken care is. :D. I'll PM you my address. Thanks so much!!!
    Hey there Bree!! Glad you got it! Isn't that the neatest magnet? Thanks for helping the bullies too!! Well that's what it's really all about. Heck I bid on stuff and win that I don't really need. Just want to help really. Have a great day!!

    Read your last post and my bully Fiona has a lot of similar traits as yours. She goes crazy if something is new or different in our home. Barks and runs all over the house. She even knew when my son bought a new pair of shoes. .....
    Love this profile pic! Thanks for the brewski too! If only we we're closer we could definitely have a :beer:
    Sometimes even mine looks sad. I went a while with no visitors...I suck, lol. I thought I was going to have to leave messages for myself. Ha!

    I'll take our hoodies camping (same ones) during the late Spring/early Summer as the night's good cool. They're perfect. Not too hot for them.
    Dang, Christmas is over. You needed another message here that's more updated, lol.

    Glad you like the hoodies! :2thumbs:
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