You can now add your Bulldogs name and real name in posts :)


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Jan 27, 2010
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Molly, Mandy, Jesse, Yuna & Tidus
Took hours to figure this one out, but due to request, we have made it so that your bulldogs names will show up in your posts, as long as you have filled out your bulldogs name in your user profile.

If you have not entered your bully's name in your profile yet, go to:

Settings--->Edit Profile
Answer "If yes, what is your bulldogs name?"

We have also added 'Your Real Name' if you choose to add it. We would prefer it if everyone only uses their First Name or Nickname. If you want to add your real name to your posts, go to:

Settings--->General Settings---->scroll to the bottom of page and you will see it.

You can see it in my post. Just look under "my mood" :)
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I love it too! I'm so sorry about the hours of work...................:(
LOL @ libra- it's okay ;). Anything to make our site better is worth it! I am sure it will be very useful, it will for me! We learned even more about HTML today too LOL!

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