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Aug 4, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
Bulldog(s) Names
(HRH) Her Royal Highness Princess Gracie & Princess Amelia Pond (Amy)

Bruce asked me to post a few of these for you. :)

08/24/10- After fence installed to keep HRH out of the pond.

08/24/10 showing how tall the Castor Beans got


Knot Garden before it outgrew it's pattern.

Purple Clematis with the one strange white bloom

Actually here's a slide show of both the front and back yard and flowers through the season. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
We did some major changes on the front last year. It's going to get more concentration on the back this spring. Eventually ALL grass will be gone!
beautiful, It looks great. I suppose you have Lilacs too? Oh I miss the Midwest.
Actually no we don't have lilacs. I love the flowers and the smell when they are in bloom, but the bushes get so big so fast and bloom such a short time in the spring that I've opted to enjoy the neighbors lilacs instead. We have quite a few varieties of clematis. And I add more perennials every year, but still plant quite a few annuals for the season long color.
Beautiful yard! looks like someone has a green thumb! Great idea on the fence to keep HRH out of the pond. We've been wondering how we are going to keep the little one out of ours this year.
What a eautiful well kept garden i love it. So wish i had a garden instead of my concrete yard but it looks ok in the summertime when the potplants flower :) that is until they die of thirst cos i forgot about them again :(
OMG!! I was right it is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing! I love the close up pics of the flowers they are beautiful!
Somebody has green fingers!!! I am jealous! :p
Thanks all. It is a work in progress. But our little bright spot in the world. We both enjoy it a lot. We do one or two major changes a year, hopefully we will be happy with it all in a couple years and won't have to work quite so hard. This spring we are already planning some more really labor intensive sod removal. The upkeep is actually easier on flowerbeds with heavy mulch than all that mowing. We also have to come up with a better solution for HRH's potty area. suggestions welcome!
Gorgeous!!! I love the flowers, so beautiful. We can only grow certain flowers here. Mainly Lantana, Yellow Bells, and of course Myaporum. Oleanders grow here too but are poisonous to dogs so I only have them on the outer perimeter of our acre where they do not roam. I love my yard with a passion, although it looks very different from yours! We have almost an acre and it is very hard to keep up with it. But we spent several years designing and laying rocks and gravel, walls and a pool. Painting never ended!

I will have to dig in my pics and share some too.
[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] Please do!

People seldom have pools here. But if we would have had one Bruce would have turned it into a koi pond by now.

What do you do for your bully potty area? We need to come up with a better solution than what we currently have. We are kicking some ideas around but would love to see what others do.
They go in the backyard, usually away from the patio. It is all gravel so it is no problem, and we do a poo pickup twice a day. Since they are all on Fromm it really is not that much anyway.

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