The evolution of Bella


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You should be able to. I used the Public link. I will try to figure it all out. Thanks for letting me know.

Okay I have posted the link twice and they don't work. According to FB this is a public link. I will try to put it the album on Photo bucket for those that don't have FB. Sorry
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That was wonderful, I could not read some of it, (too small like you said) but I just love seeing all the photos- and it is just amazing the strides she has made!
I am sure as I post more and more, people are like....OMG there she goes again. and I completely understand, it is just that so much about Bella herself is EPI. I really try not to, believe it or not.
I sent this same link to the coordinator of our EPI site...she sent me a note back that she bought one! what? That isn't what I meant for her to do. I suggested her to make one of her own (and all the other members too)
After all I got the idea from Vegas and O!

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