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Aug 22, 2010
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Anyone know what this might be? He only has it on this side of his belly.It is a bunch of little tiny circles and the hair is coming off.
I have him on Natural Balance Lamb and Rice and he has always done well on it. Could it be food related? A neighbor said he thinks it might be ringworm from playing in the wet grass. This happened from one day to another. 2 days ago he had nothing. =(
Bruno is 9 months old 55 pounds.

That happened to Bella. When her EPI was first diagnosed and she gained twice her weight in a month, her hair started to come out, just like that in patches of circles. The vet worried it was ringworm or mange, so he sent me to a Dermatology the time they got me in, it all disappeared. I still took her in for a eval. When I explained it to them, they think because of the very rapid increase in her growth and all the blood work, EKG's etc..It was stress related! They found nothing wrong. Here is picture at it's worst. Bella 7 mos, Xero (my grand-dog) at 10 weeks!


Have it checked out.
My guess would be ringworm or mange.
That looks EXACTLY like what happened to Yuna!!! Your dog may be blowing her coat for some reason. We spent over $350 trying to find out what was going on with Yuna, and all we found out was she has a wart on her head.

Here is some pics of Yuna I took when I was also trying to find out. Looked like she had been spattered with grease. This was a few days after it started, but when it started- it looked exactly like what your photo looks like. Little circles.

NOTE: We did treat her for a fungus- with anti-fungal shampoo. I did this a few times, which made it look worse. Then I realized she was blowing her coat. She looked like a brand new dog in a week.

Read this topic, the pics are posted there:
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First off I have to say that Bruno is dang cute and welcome!! I would have them check for ringworm to be sure but it does look like what Yuna had happen. Cutty did have a small spot for a long time where there was no hair and it was food related. Had fed eukanuba to start cuz thats what the breeder recommended and once I finally switched to a good food it disappeared. BUT it was only 1 small strip and almost looked like a stretch mark on his back. Very frustrating that the vet would prescribe allergy shampoo but not mention the fact that it could be food related. :rolleyes:
Welcome to the site! If it were me, I'd use some hydrocortizone 1% ointment. It's over-the-counter and I doubt it will do any harm. That's what they tell people with ringworm to use. If it's ringworm it'll go away, and if it's just blowing coat, no harm done.
What exactly is blowing coat mean? Tubby just turned one year and that never happened so should we be expecting it or not? Oh and in case anyone remembers Tubby is being treated for demodectic mange and most of her fur has grown back so everything is getting back to normal.
Hi folks,

So I took in Bruno in and as soon as the doc saw him he knew what I was there for. Luckily its nothing to worry about he said. He did a little test on him and said " Well its not mange or anything" so thats good.
(He had that at 4 months and I treated him with a few shots of Ivomec.) It seems to be some sort of a fungus and not ringworm. He said he sees it alot here in Florida during this time of year when it rains alot. He asked if he had been on wet grass recently and of course I said...yes. He plays and walks and poops on grass everyday and sometimes it's damp or wet.
He gave me 14 pills of Ketoconazole. Told me to give him 1 a day for a week, if it improves stop, if not continue for another week and that should be it.
So that is where I am at.
I had not heard of this before so I googled and this is what I found
Other than the little spots Bruno is none the wiser...He is the Best!:heart:
What exactly is blowing coat mean? Tubby just turned one year and that never happened so should we be expecting it or not? Oh and in case anyone remembers Tubby is being treated for demodectic mange and most of her fur has grown back so everything is getting back to normal.

The term 'blowing the coat' is when a dog will loose a bunch of hair very quickly. It usually happens in severe times of stress, and many females will blow their coat after having a litter of puppies when they start weaning them off.

[MENTION=380]tubbys_dad[/MENTION] we would love to see pics of her healing process.... it is very educational and can help future bulldoggers with similar problems.

[MENTION=1104]jortiz9758[/MENTION] Yuna got this fungus and lost a bunch of hair, but the new grew back as quickly as the old.

And Yuna got it from a kiddie pool we think, so the wet grass makes sense too!
Well unfortunatly I didnt take pictures of her when she was losing her hair but luckily she only had a few small spots that lost hair. I did post some current pictures of tubby in my profile as well as a couple of old ones. I just want to say thanks to those involved with starting this site cuz i am learning alot about the breed. I only wish that I would have found this before my wife got me tubby cuz we first starting feeding her pedigree. Poor girl had the worst bout of constipation the vet seen in years(his words not mine) Well thanks to knowledgeable people like yourselves she has really florish with such breed specific treatments. Thanks again and keep the tips coming, Tubby thanks you for them.
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I am so glad you found out what was wrong. It always seems as if with Bulldogs, there is always something, but here you usually can find out what.
Porky had something like this also. I was told that it was stress related Not sure if it was or not but after a few days it was gone. I did not have to do anything for it.
I am so sorry that I am not much help, maybe someone on here knows more about this.

Good luck
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