The all mighty jaw


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May 28, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names
violet elizabeth
So finally violets bully smile is coming in yay. Just waiting for her lower canines to come up to finish off her gorgeous smile

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I love the piranha look. My boys canines get caught on their lips occassionally and I think it's hilarious!!!
Lol I just love the toothie pictures. I remember when Wilson's first tooth started showing, we smiled and laughed. :D.
I love this too! LOL! It's the inverted-vampire-look. LOL.

Guess what - I have my adopted bulldog's first tooth. Her previous mom kept it from when she lost it as a baby! Talk about tooth fairy...
Thanks everyone she list her lower canines last week so I can't with for her adult ones to come up :) [MENTION=2874]anatess[/MENTION] I have one molar I found her playing with lol

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She is so cute, just love her.
[MENTION=1906]GatorRay[/MENTION] she's even starting yo do the nightly bully freak out haha

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