Strong Balls

:blink: it sure did!

Thanks for recommending Henny I am going to get some!

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Thanks Henny. Harlea is rough on balls as well so we have been looking for some good ones for her. The only other ones she hasn't destroyed are the Holee Roller ones.
We bought a ball for June but if it rolls more than a few feet away from her it's like she's scared to go get it... either that or she's just too lazy to go 2 more feet haha
Holee Roller balls have worked well for Charley. We can throw it indoors, he can chew and also play tug. They last forever! .

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Well, someone recommended Jolly balls. (I can't find that thread tonight). I ordered the softer one for inside use. Charley smelled it in the box and walked away. Perfect, it will hold till Christmas, I thought. Then today I purchased a basketball for outdoor use. Oh my, he went after it with a vengeance while I was out getting more bags from the car! It was in a shopping bag and well, the nose knows! He got it out of the bag and tried to get it out of its squarish cardboard packaging, pushed it all over the bedroom. That's my boy!

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Lol, I was thinking other thoughts too when I read the title. Just shows where our EBN minds are. Lol. Those balls look great, I'll have to check them out. My guys love their balls too, it's their favourite thing to play with. Thanks for sharing.

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