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  • HI!! I grew up in Puyallup but found my way over here in Spokane. I love the seasons, especially the sun, lol!!
    thank you sharon Torrin cut the toe right beside the nail in the flesh part, things look good after cleaning it up. but have noticed him limping and a bit of swelling. I need to soak it , drain it and reapply cream. Torrin is a big olde english boy, 53 lb and he will be 7 month tomorrow:yes:. getting him in tub for a soak it a bit hard !
    HI I'm haveing a semeral problem with my guy torrin, may I ask if you used anything to calm your down if so what . Torrin is 7 months and wont stay still I see some swelling and I need to soak it
    any help would be great:nervous:
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