Steak and Potato Soup


Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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Yum! Sounds good. I love recipe ideas so I think we should jump on this one! I have many fav recipes, depending on the time of yeat etc. I would say my hubbys fav is my steak and potato soup. It is simple and YUMMY! Actually it was just potato soup but I like to make a meal out of everything. haha

Russet potatoes, microwaved and cut up. 3 or 4 maybe depending on how much you make.

Equal parts (campbells) cream of mush soup and cream of potato soup~depending on how much you want to make

Milk or cream to thin a bit

salt and TONS of pepper (we like to taste the spice of the pepper but add when the soup is hot or else you will over do it)

Top sirloin or whatever steak you want, seasoned, browned and cubed. Add to soup juices and all.

Sautee some mushrooms if you like them and thats about it. I like to serve with green onions, cheese or even bacon crumbles on top.

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