So angry right now . People make me sick.


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Dec 31, 2010
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I started searching for a new puppy, jsut to kind of see what was out there. I found an ad for a 10 month old bulldog male. Why does this make me so angry? Because my poor boy was 11 motnh old today and he is GONE! I would do anything in this world to bring him back. ANYTHING! I would give him the heart right out of my chest, if it would fix this. And these people are jsut selling their dog!!!! Seriously !!That poor thing. I'm sure he loves them dearly and would never trade them for anything. These people don't deserve the love this pup has to give . How can people be so cruel and stupid. They don't even know what a precious gift they have right at their feet.
[MENTION=1665]dozersmama[/MENTION], My heart it truly broke for you and your loss, I have sat and read every post with tears spilling out of my eyes.

What I want to share is my story with Vegas. I adopted him when he was 4.5 months old. Not because the owner was heartless, but because he loved Vegas enough to give him a better life than he could. He was/is A young professional who owned him and posted him for sale. The first question I ask him was WHY??? His response....he was single and was working 6 days a week, 12 hour days and poor Vegas was stuck in his crate. So I bought him. He went from being in a crate 6 days for 12 hours a day, to me not working and spending 24/7 with him. So perhaps the person selling the bully has circumstances beyond their control and it doing out of Love, like Kent (Vegas's previous owner) did?????

I am still in touch with Kent and I send him pictures of Vegas all the time and he responds every time on how happy he is that Vegas has such a spoiled, fulfilling life. He is very much loved and loves us.

I just wanted you to have a different point of view to think about, I KNOW you are angry, as I would be, and going through the loss of Dozer (bless his heart) I hope this will help you and know that I am telling you my story so that perhaps you can see it a little differently. :hug:
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I am truly sorry for your loss.We just lost our buddy of 14 years back in July and I still miss him dearly.
There is no telling why these people are parting with their Bully, they may well have good reason.
I can see why u feel this way. And yes some are people truely wanting to better the dogs life but some are what i call dog circlers. They buy a dog and then dont want the responsibility so they sell it and before u know it the process is sad. Who knows this lil guy could be meant for u.....just follow ur heart. Dozer wouldnt want u to be lonely and sad......u r such a great mommy and there is a pup or dog that needs a mommy like u.

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When I first saw this bully I thought no way. He is brindle, which no offence , isn't my favorite color. He is a teenage puppy, who wasn't raised by me to have impecable manners. Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe we could bond. Could our bond ever be as deep since he is already 10 months old?
You won't know until you check, meet him, see if there's a spark. I know your in the depths of shock and grief right now, but it really might turn out to be the best thing for both your family and the bully you choose to love.
[MENTION=1648]Lucy-licious![/MENTION] said it best, when you find one you will know it in your heart this is the one. I would go see the little guy and you will know right away if he is the right one. Bullies have a heart full of love young and old and you will be able to bond with the right one. No bully will ever replace Dozer, he was a very special pup. can bond..whatever the age...Jake is my first pup in 20 years..but we have always had a houseful of dogs. Now these were dogs of various breeds and all ages. They came right from the streets of Los Angeles and into our home...but most importantly..they came into our hearts. They came with assorted issues and "baggage"... But I wouldn't trade a second of loving them ..any of them..for a pup! Keep your heart'll be fine!
How about adoption? I'm not sure where you are but here in Miami there are dozens of bullies, young and old, looking for homes. There is a lot to be said for adopting an older dog; they are usually potty trained, know basic commands, and the annoying chew-on-everything puppy mode is out the window! PLUS you have the benefit of knowing his/her true temprament AND if there are any serious health issues, they would likely have already come to pass, unlike with a puppy where you have to play it by ear until his/her body matures. Bonus, adopting or taking in an older bully is much more affordable AND you have the joy of knowing that you have such an amazing gift to one of God's most precious and pure creations.

All I'm trying to say is that a puppy isn't going to end your saddness, in fact, it sounds like you may not be ready to move forward. I can tell you from personal experience (though yours may differ) that a new dog/puppy does not heal your wounds. Sure, they're cute, but you still long for your missing pet, you still think back on the cute things he/she did and you still compare them.

My Slim was a very ill, abandoned puppy who required months of fostering and thousands in vet bills before he was considered healthy enough to find a home. Now at almost 2 years old he is the most gentle, hilarous, snuggly little bug and I can tell every day how thankful he is to have us as his family. I hope that you can find some peace with your loss and that you will respect Dozer's memory by allowing yourself a respectable amount of time to grieve and consider if your heart is ready.
[MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION] Really I understand that sometimes there are good reasons. Right now it jsut feels like someone would have to be crazy to let go of something so special. Vegas is very lucky to have found you.

[MENTION=3009]midwifemama11[/MENTION] We are considereing all of our options. We rescued DOzer from a horrible situation adn we would be more than happy to do it again. We aren't sure if we are really ready for a bully, as Dozer was a lot more than just a dog to us. We know that a new bully will not and could never ever replace our sweet boy . But our home and our hearts are empty adn we have so much love to give. .
@dozersmama , it truly is a terrible thing to lose someone you loved deeply. And yes, things will remind you of dozer and you will be angry and sad and sometimes happy too.

We adopted Bullie when she was already a few weeks shy of 3 years old. We've been looking for a dog for over 3 years and haven't found one that connected with us.

When I got Gizmo - my bichon - I just happened to pass by the pet store on my way to my car from the Fedex office. Normally, I don't look at those dogs at the pet store because I don't want to support the puppy mills that supply them. I wasn't even looking for a dog. But, I don't know - I just stopped by, saw Gizmo (only 8 weeks old at the time) and I immediately bonded with him. I couldn't put him down, so I walked out of the store $1200 poorer with a dog. And he's been my very best friend since.

It's almost the same thing with Bullie. I was browsing craigslist for a sectional sofa and stopped at the community section to check out the drama (there's always some fight going on in the community section of the local craigslist)... and I saw this fat bulldog with inverted vampire fang'd face. It looked really funny so I showed it to my husband. My husband loves english bulldogs even if he never owned one. Next thing I know, he took the family on a field trip to see this bulldog. We walked in this woman's house and the dog immediately bonded with my 2 kids. Love at first sight. So even a 3 year old dog can form a really strong bond with a new family as what happened with us and Bullie.

But, I have to say though... give yourself time to grieve and heal. Sometimes, getting another dog so soon puts a lot of expectation on the new dog to act and behave just like Dozer... even if it's very unintentional or even subliminal. Each dog is very unique and you might not be ready to give the new dog individual attention because everything still reminds you of Dozer.
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I lost my Billie on June 23,2009 and i am still not over it. I adopted him when he was 18mos old. He was the best dog I could ask for. The previous family got divorced and no one wanted him. He had been bounced from person to person on a temperary basis for about 6 mos, and as I said, he was perfect! Check out the puppy. He needs the love.
were so so sorry for your loss, we too lost our Dozer, he was just over 10 and in perfect health, the whole town around here knew and loved him.. He was the heart of our family.. I know this is a terrible shock and very painful... But we felt that we could not go on with the house so quiet, it just kept us grieving, and we had too much love to share, and knew Dozer would want us too,, the quiet was a constant reminder, so rather than grieve and mope, we decided to share our love and ended up with Diesel, He is not Dozer, and will never EVER replace him, in fact he's opposite in most ways, BUT we love him, and we find ourselves laughing again.. Follow your heart,, and we'll be praying for you.. We know its not easy at all,, so HUGS to you..:hug:

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