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is anybully else shedding really bad right now? butler is a shedding fool and i don't know if it is seasonal or because of the food. the last time he was shedding he was eating food with chicken in it, but he was also a stray with valley fever and poor grooming (about 6/7 months ago). the only thing different now from when he stopped shedding is that his new food has chicken in it. i really think it is just that time of year but i'm not sure.
might be seasonal... we are shedding as bad here like we do in the summer and fall though guess different climates
[MENTION=1539]sheila[/MENTION], [MENTION=390]cali~jenn[/MENTION], Vegas used to shed so bad!, When we would bathe him the tub would be full of hair as well as my floors. A few months ago when I took Vegas to the vet for his yeasty face and he started getting allergy shots the vet gave us (well we bought it) a big bottle of anti-fungal-yeast shampoo, you shake it up real well, get him wet, let it soak for about 10 minutes into his skin, and trust me it does not lather so I have to just keep massaging it into his skin, then rinse.

I bath him about every 2 - 2 1/2 weeks. I PROMISE you his shedding has lessened about 98%!!!!!! There are very few hairs in the tub. But it was also the same week we were doing a food change so it could be a combination of both, whatever the reason it is amazing how very little he sheds if at all now!!! (He does not do well on chicken either, not so much shedding but his smell started coming back)

You have to try this shampoo, you can only get it at the vet. My son went and got some for his dog because his dog was shedding so bad and now his dog sheds about 90% less and it leaves them smelling good and their fur is very shiney. I would use NOTHING else!!
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[MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION] even if we dont have any yeast or anything? Cutty smells good so I know he isnt yeasty and is on the fromm so you would think it would help and maybe it has but he still is just a shedding away. I do have to say it isnt bothering me so maybe it is a little less or I am just used to it. lol
I thought dogs shed "seasonally" in the spring?? Isn't this the wrong time of year to be shedding? Anyway, my girls really don't shed much, but I know food does have a lot to do with shedding. Our St. Bernard, Arrow, shed in handfuls til we got him on a better quality food and his shedding has practically completely stopped! It's amazing!
[MENTION=390]cali~jenn[/MENTION], Vegas has had not had yeast in months but our vet said because he is prone, to use it, my son's dog is a lab/pit mix, best dog in the world and my son uses the same vet as I do, when he took his dog in for something else, he ask the vet if he could use that shampoo on Krillen and the vet said it was good for ALL dogs skin. Both of our dogs shedding has dramatically lessened and both smell good and have nice shiney coats, Vegas's fur before we started using this shampoo was like little needles when I petted him, now it is very soft. I would ask your vet, but I know it has made a huge difference with Vegas and his shedding.
Mack and Ruggles shed twice a year--the first half and the second half (I know, old joke). I have found brindle Bullies shed more than fawn, red, or white. No science, just observation!
[MENTION=1612]Alice Kable[/MENTION], Hhmm wonder why brindles? Like I said earlier Vegas was horriable until I found this shampoo, now hardly at all if any! I am amazed at the difference my chocolate brown couch would be covered and now I see like 3 hairs.
Gracie sheds quite a bit. It does seem less now since she is on Fromm but not stopped. Salmon oil didn't seem to agree with her...we think could have been a treat. We thought we would give it another try at a later time. Right now she has a couple itchy spots that she is going to go see the vet about this week. They don't seem to be healing up like we would like them to.

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