Rex on his first day of work


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Jul 16, 2011
Central Oklahoma
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Today I decided to take him to work with me. I have my own business and today was quote/estimate day. He kept the truck cool for me all day. He had to water a bush or two. Tried to eat my breakfast and lunch. When we were finished I had to stop by PetSmart to get food for Sasha our Rottie and he did a little flirting and got loved on by everyone that saw him.

He is hired. Probably the most expensive employee that I have.:yes:

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Hey, Good PR doesn't come cheap! But I'll bet he will happily work for treats from here on out!
Good help is hard to He will probably be your best employee! Well, at least your most interesting. lol
Bet he had a blast spending the day with you. Good looking boy also.
I have never seen a dog so eager to go anywhere. When he seen us put on our shoes grab the phones and my wife put her purse on her shoulder he is at the door ready for a ride.

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