Random Pics from ABEBD "Wild Bunch"


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Feb 18, 2011
Phx, Az.
Bulldog(s) Names
By many names depending on the situation?
Dozer 3 small.jpgBelle Star.jpgBG Sweet Tango tongue.jpg
Hello y'all,
Here are random pics of our "Wild Bunch"group of Bullies.
We have 6 now;
Tessa aka "Meatball" - 5 1/2
Dozer aka "Monkey" 5
Harley aka "Yonya"
Papa Mack aka "Mack Daddy"
Az'sBestBelleStar aka "Precious"
BG Sweet Tango aka "Baby Tango"

Good Day~

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AWWWWWWWWWW what a little 'wrinkle butt'.... I assume that is baby tango in your second post...?? Nice looking bullies!!! Thanx for sharing the pix. :)
What beautiful babies! Lovely colorings and so wrinkly the youngest. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Bully Eye Candy! YEA!!!!
beautiful bullies, I see you have a house full like we do haha
I just love your bully family!!! Beautiful pics!!! :luv:

Yes, a full house indeed. 6 EBD and 1 yellow lab.
We converted one bedroom just for them. Any more and the kids won't have a bedroom left !

Good Day~
You have so many beauties!! Aww.

I just love the little brindle and white puppy. I wonder why.. ;)
I think I fell in love! lol. They're all so stocky and who doesn't adore a wrinkled butt. :heart:

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