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Apr 15, 2010
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I got a question...I am fostering a bullie puppy as of Saturday 4/ came to me with science diet puppy food...should I switch it? And if yes...what should I switch it to? My Cocker Spaniel is on Wellness Dog Food and he looks incredible now after being on it. He used to be on Purina One and his coat was just awful and thin. Would Wellness be good for a Bulldog puppy? I saw that Royal Canine has a Bulldog formula, but it is for adults. I would appreciate any help.


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ithink the wellness formula is just fine. you will know in a month if its not for this dog. dog food is a hit and miss thing
We are working on a page for the site regarding this. Since there are hundreds of foods it will take some time, but hopefully we will have it done by the end of the week.


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I would switch to wellness food. My rule with my dogs is if it contains corn, its for cows, not my dogs.


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Wellness is a 5 star dog food (out of 6 stars) and Royal Canine is 3 stars (out of 6) according to what we found. These were both on their puppy food forumla. So the choice is obvious, Wellness! We are going to create a page like DSB said, so I better get to work! :p


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Guess what?! Science diet is only 1 star!!!! Their "natures best" formula is only 2 stars. This is what our vets are selling and recommending we buy! Why? Because they get a commission of course! Grrrrr..... If I were a dog I think I would bite! :mad:
What is Nutro Natural Balance rated??? We tried to switch to Royal Canin and Diva did fine on it but Freckles had an allergic reaction so we switched back to Nutro Natural Balance and all is much better now.
I feed Natures Recipie Venison formula and am kinda excited to see where that rates. I know its not a great foood though :(

Jefferson, Do you mean Nutro Natural Choice by chance? Natural balance is a separate brand and is GREAT food for allergies.


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Nutro Naturals are all 2 stars and Natures recipe is 3 stars :eek:
I really appreciate the work your putting into this Bulldog, I can't wait for the final results!
Thank you...I am looking forward to seeing this list. When you go into the pet stores, it is just overwhelming the amount of different foods and every sales person will tell you something completely different. I will go to Petco tomorrow and get a smaqll bag of Wellness puppy and start mixing it in. I hope she does well on it!
I am not going to take the credit, I am getting info off the internet so someone else sometime along the line has done all of the dirty work. I am just making it into a compressed form and putting it here on the site so it is easily accessed by our members. Now that I have researched it myself, I will agree with Lindathedogsmaid, her recommendations are top of the line products. I am going to the store today and switching our food as well!!!! Sad to find out I have been using a grade 1 star food. BLECH! Shame on me!

I just started feeding 1 of my girls Raw.....She is doing great and just loves it. I feed 7 oz per day in 2 feedings. Chicken breast bone in and some ground beef. She has only been on it for a month but is doing really good and so looking foward to every meal. I thought it was crazy at first but she was constanly scratching so figured after trying so many different high quality foods with no luck why not try it. Hey its not for everyone.


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Okay, some of the page is done. You will find the link on the home page. I have 6 stars and 5 stars done so far, and a link to the source. I am also working on having this printable! :)

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