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Feb 7, 2010
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IZA Diva & Lots 'O Dots
We have decided after talking with several people and doing some research to switch our bullies to Natures Logic dog food. I will keep you all posted as to how my girls like it and how their tummies handle it. Its suppose to be great dog food.
Looks like an excellent choice. I see it is rated 5 stars! How much is it for a large bag? I am switching, but since I did not have the list of grades with me I ended up with 4 star food, but better than the 1 star I was feeding! Let us know, cannot wait to see the results. I too, cannot wait to see the results on mine! I did notice the puppies have brighter eyes, they were already starting to have a tiny stain in the corner but it is gone now! Just after 3 days! If this really works, I am going to be a dog food advocate for the rest of my life!!!!!
The largest bag is 26 lbs and its $46 chicken & beef, $52 lamb, $62 Duck . I'm trying the chicken first then probably the lamb a little later. I hope Freckles tear stains clear up there not too bad but I dont like them plus Freckles gets so itchy sometimes. What is a 6 star dog food? When Diva and Freckles gets pregnant we will feed "Orijen" you know the rating on Orijen dog food?
We started the list, not done yet tho. Go to the home page it is called dog food analysis.
I've been a dog food advocate for a few years now. Unfortunately here in Iowa I get laughed at alot and told to shush because, dontcha know, Purina and pedigree are the best! Ha... My reply is usually close to, Cows eat corn, not dogs. Dogs eat cows. For the farming types my reply is more of, Ever seen a coyote eating corn with the cows? No, he's eating the sheep.

When I got my first dog Jay he was on a purina. He STUNK. His breath stunk, his coat stunk and was dry and brittle. Now that I've had him on a better food I actually enjoy smelling my dog after a month of not being bathed. Even company comments that his breath never stinks that bad and he doesn't have an odor, yet they don't get the concept that its from his food.

Although I love Natures Recipie venison meal, I'm actually going to be switching them to Wellness super5mix chicken formula. I do have to say that I wish they had a venison formula.


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I just switched Bertie to Wellness for Puppies. She likes it alot. When I got her she was eating Science Diet Puppy food. My other baby is a cocker spaniel...when I got him he was on Purina one and he looked bad....dull dry coat, smelled after a few days and I switched him to Wellness. Within 2 weeks, you would have never known he was the same dog. Now he is on the Wellness Core formula...I like the Wellnress brand alot! Also, if you go to their website and sign up for the newsletter, they will send out coupons usually every other month for $3 off a bag or $1 off a can usually. They also have a new formula called simple solutions for dogs with allergies.

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