Question about eye's watering all the time? HELP


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Apr 7, 2010
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My EB eyes tear all the time so because of the moistness his wrinkles are always wet. I have been to the vet so many times tried so many different kinds of eye drops. I had him on the Royal Canin Venison & potato from the vet for a long time but then I saw Eukanuba brand made a New Zealand Venison & Potato so I switch because I thought I wasn’t really getting many results from the Royal Canin and was paying almost $50 for 16 lbs bag. After he was on the Eukanuba for a while he got real bad tear stains, which before his eyes just watered and his wrinkles would be wet all the time but he didn’t have the staining until I switched him. Now my vet says it had nothing to do with the food and he did not believe it was a food allergy that I could just give him Benadryl. My vet is well known for this breed so I assumed he knows what he is talking about. I have now switched him to the Blue wilderness which is a grain free I get him the duck recipe and now after a few months we have been able to get rid of the stains but of course his eye are still watering which keep the wrinkle wet and sometimes they get red and raw looking. My vet gave me this stuff I think it’s called Mckillips it is a liquid white color stuff that you shake up and use it on his wrinkles. Anyways I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem and what would cause the eyes to water so much????


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He does not have entropion? If his eyes water, there is a reason. Could be an allergy to something in the air too, like flowers, grass, ect.

I recommend keeping him on the diet he is on, that is really GOOD food. It has a very high rating. Can you put baby powder in his wrinkles safely?

My bully Sarah had allergies so bad I actually had her ROPE wrinkle removed, so she would be more comfortable. Now I am not saying you have to do that! But it will depend on the severity.

If this guy is a bully vet, why has he not asked you to run allergy tests on her yet? The idea is not to MASK the problem, but to find the source of it! If he continues to have problems, I would look into that, and make sure there is no entropion! He could have a very mild case of it but it is still very uncomfortable and make the eyes water really badly!
hey there just want to mention that as I recall wilderness is a high in protein watch out for the kidneys! If you need something grain free which I personally believe most bulldogs really do need (due to them having so many allergy issues) you may want to look into Taste of the wild or Natural balance...or other brands but look at protein content! That is awful about the eye issue you are having. I think food could have a lot to do with it though! Goodluck!
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