I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~ Percy~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Northern California

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Mar 25, 2012
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Meet Percy
Name: Percy
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Location: SF Peninsula, CA
Reason given up for adoption:
Owner deceased

Sweet, reserved, quiet, missing his former owner

Health Condition:

Placement Limitations:
Northern California only. Needs attentive owner who can give him lots of attention since he is missing his previous owner. He did spent the first 2 years of his life with 2 cats until they passed away. No kids under 10.
Percy just celebrated his 8th birthday late this summer. He is very young looking for his age and could easily pass for 4 or 5 years and is a very beautiful dog. He weighs about 57 lbs. Requires eye drops for maintenance only. Percy was the apple of his owner's eye and lived with him in a condo in SF until the owner's death. Percy is missing him and needs to find a home with an owner who will shower him with reassurance and attention. He has been a "house dog" his entire life and likes to go outside to go to the bathroom only. In keeping with his owner's wishes, preference will be given to previous bulldog owners and to a new home where someone is home most of the time. If you are looking for a quiet, polite little guy who will thrive with attention, please complete an application after reviewing his placement restrictions at NorCal Bulldog Rescue. Rescuing English Bulldogs.

Special Needs:

Update: I've been ADOPTED!

To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> NorCal Bulldog Rescue

Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News! :up:
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Awe he's so adorable, I'm sure he will be adopted very soon

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