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*****I mean Friday night!**********
I'm posting this as a new topic because I took the last post WAY off topic with my sharing of photos.....(if you get tired of this....be gentle when you tell me:D)
So, as soon as I looked up info on Panosteitis, I wrote the info down and went back to the clinic. I handed over the paper with the name written on it and picked up the xrays. By the time I returned home, the Dr was on the phone. He said that pano looks different on an xray. The symptoms are also completely different. If it was pano, he said she would have flinched when he was examining her. He did say that it could very well be a fracture that went untreated. Yikes! How could I have not known she was hurt? Anyways, here is the xray. The lesion is on the small bone towards her paw.. I sent the xray thru photoshop to magnify the xray....

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Thanks Lisa for helping me with the arrow!
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I forgot to add that two seperate Drs looked at the xray and decided this was not the reason behind her visit to the ER. And keep in mind, she was back to normal when she woke up this morning.
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That is all so crazy! You cant beat yourself up wondering how you didnt know something was wrong, these bullies hide everything when it comes to pain. So glad it isnt pano tho, and hopefully this was just meant to be so that you would find this on the xray. Glad she is feeling better anyhow!
The arrow is perfect Libra, nice!

Yeah, that looks like extra growth of bone. It should not be a problem tho, should it? I grew a bone in my mouth once, and once on my wrist. (I know- weird) and the dentist tells me he only gets about 1 case a year, and they both happened in the same year and never happened again. it was like my brain was telling my body to grow bones where they should not be. The one on the wrist went away on its own, but the one in my mouth had to be surgically removed. I thought it was a new tooth growing in sideways, but it ended up being a bone!
Was little miss Orion jumping off her crate a little bit back? if it was a previous fracture it could have been anything and nothing you could have done if she didn't display any symptoms. Glad she is doing better.
Was little miss Orion jumping off her crate a little bit back? if it was a previous fracture it could have been anything and nothing you could have done if she didn't display any symptoms. Glad she is doing better.

Yes, Orion was jumping off her crate. And the couch. And the stairs. She is a little monkey. I know I need to stop her from doing this, but it's hard. I know I probably don't need to explain this to fellow bulldog owners on how stubborn they can be. I hope all is well, and Yes....we will be rexraying her in a month to see what, if anything, has happened. Thanks guys!
Missed the original post...but I agree bulldogs are tough dogs...and can put up with a lot. Years ago...our Jake was trampled by cows in our OWN backyard. The farmer down the road a ways...his cattle got out and found their way into our backyard. Jake was barking like crazy and my husband took him outside to see what was going on. And he ran into the mix of Black Angus. He had hoof indentations in his hide...The Emergency Vet said any other breed would had died from shock. He lived one more year and his kidneys which never healed right but we had no idea of knowing...gave out. And we had to put him down...it was the hardest thing. For he didn't act overly sick...just "symptoms" were showing up...that we had tests run. And were told he should be dead by the results of his kidney failure. Yet he didn't look sick...We went to see him...and he had his wiggle butt greeting. And we refused to admit he was dying...and made them redo the test yet again...and it had gotten worse. So...we helped him ease across that Rainbow Bridge where many others have had their fur babies go to await them. Only because we didn't want him to feel pain...even though he was not showing it...We didn't want him to get to the point where we seen him struggling when there was nothing left to do to correct it.

So don't blame yourself...these bullies are tough!

Hope nothing changes in the x-ray next month...unless it gets better that is. But I'm guessing your wanting no change...
We think that Hudson developed his patellar luxation early because of an injury when he was little. He jumped out of my husbands arms as a puppy. But he only limped for a couple of minutes, then only when he thought we weren't looking.

So AGREED with everyone else. Don't spend too much time blaming yourself or going through your head figuring out why. As long as Orion is happy and as healthy as possible, you're the perfect owner.

Side note that I used to work in pediatric orthopedics with humans, and we had LOTS of fractures in kids that looked like this. In fact, that one appears to me to be almost completely healed. I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple of weeks, there's tons of new bone around there. And if dogs are anything like humans, the bone will remold to normal on its own. But, of course, your vet can tell you if that's right. ;)
It is so hard if not impossible to stop these bullies from jumpping!! I tell you, Mocha ended up at the Vets once because I tought she had a broken bone on her left front leg. She was ok , they took X-rays and gave her a shot and instructions to keep her from jumping till she got better. OMG!! i was going crazy !!! The vet also told me to start her on Glyco-Flex and she has done awesome with this. She now takes half of a tablet with her food at supper time. I hope your baby keeps doing good!!
Would it be residual from her puppy leg condition? I forgot the name of it. You are a wonderful and great Mom, it obviously is beyond your control if it is from a previous accident. Their muscles are so strong that if there was a tiny fracture, she may have compromised and you may have never known.

[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION], the excess bone growth is called Tori, it actually is not that rare. I even have it. Some have it more than others, some have it to the point it will interfere in their home care.
Do they think it is an "avulsion" type fracture? I'm not sure of bully's tendon anatomy.. but that is when the leg twists and the tendon pulls and takes a piece of bone with it. It's much less serious than a regular fracture and it's almost what it looks like to me on x-ray. Poor Orion! And can I just say..what a good girl she is.. :up: I can't even begin to imagine Chester sitting still for an xray!
Delilah jumps like crazy too, but hasn't had any injuries from that yet...knock on wood. Let's hope it stays that way.

Poor Orion. Glad to know she is starting to feel better, though!
This cracks me up. This post was from August. Orion was fine by the next morning. I have no idea what was wrong with her. Everything is okay now. She is still a jumper. :eek:

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