OMG!!!!! Bertie decided to share with me!!!


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Apr 15, 2010
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I got home from work and decided to lay down and take a little nap. I guess I slept for about 45 minutes and I was awakened by Bertie's nose in my face. I was kind of groggy and gave her a kiss and she got in my face again...I started to say something to her and all of a sudden she belched and dropped part of a bully stick right into my mouth as I was talking!!!! I have brushed my teeth till my gums are raw! And I can't get rid of that bully stick smell!!! She always has to carry something in her mouth and I guess I am going to have to start only giving her stuff when I can see it! Usually she will chew on one, and I will throw it away at the end of the night...I wasn't counting on her sharing a one inch sliver of a bully stick with daddy!!
:lol: and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!
lol! oh that sounds gross. i bet it was nice and slimy for you too! haha. one day i got home from work and was hugging on butler on the floor and he vomited all over my chest and lap. that was awful.
Haha thats cute... She is a very polite girl just sharing dad, But hey it could have been ALOT worse lol...
What a wake up call that was! EWWWWWWWW!
The snot was bad enough when Vegas sneezed in my mouth as I was talking to him, it about put me over the edge, his toy would have made me barf!!! They need to invent a special mouthwash for owners of bully's!!
Kelly... what is with the 'toys' thingy??? I had that happen on a post of mine a couple of days ago.
[MENTION=1034]BruceP[/MENTION], I don't know :confused: [MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION]. When I first posted that it was not like that???? I simply said the word toy and it posted, now I see what you mean
Weird that should be a link up. Like photo of the month and dog food ratings and hoodie and also should be toy and shampoo
okay trying toy again..... issue resolved. :)
Haha!!! Not gonna admit anything like that ever happening to me... Nope, not gonna do it!!!>.<
OMG I would get sick on that one! Those things can get so darn nast especially if they have been chewing for a while. I have pulled one out of Lola's mouth because it got too gummy and i swear it must have been 1/2 way to her belly and talk about gagging...oh the smell!
Well, thanks for our morning laugh! That is so gross, but pretty cute too. Makes you want to wash your mouth with gasoline, doesn't it? Such a sweetheart for sharing with Daddy!!

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