Oh no, Tidus is squinting his eye....


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Jan 28, 2010
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Tidus is squinting one of his eyes, and it looks brown around the outside on the fur, as if he has been rubbing it. Of course it is a saturday- no vet open.....:(

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to make him comfortable until Monday? He may have something in it or scratched it....
What about a lubricating eye drop or sterile saline water for people with contacts. something to flush the eye out. Make sure if you use something like that, that it is a saline wash and not any type of cleaner....Ouch!
I was thinking the same thing, a drop to wet the eye a bit and hopefully loosen whatever is in there. Poor thing, hopefully by monday you wont need the vet.
It got worse throughout the day. Looks like conjunctivitis. Called my vet (he always answers!!) and he told me what to run to town to get for him. Eye flush, Eye Lubricant and baby asprin. If he is not better by Monday, he will come check him out.

When I was doing his eye, I looked in his ears. The ear on the same side looked pretty dirty, especially since they just had been cleaned a few days ago. So I cleaned it and he winced. I am thinking he got an ear infection, which is causing the conjunctivitis. :( :( :( My poor baby!

I am wondering, since they were going crazy in the kiddie pool, (and I mean they were diggin' it!) did he get water in his ear and now we pay the price? *bummed* it sucks cuz you can just tell he doesn't feel well. :(
Was a visit to the vet necessary? What did they say? I always forget to put cotton in Vegas's ears if he's playing in the pool. Then again that would require 24/7 cotton. Vegas will go out potty at 1am and jump in his pool ( in 45 degree weather) Silly boy.
I was hoping that we would not have to bring the vet out, but he is still squinty, although there is no conjunctivitis coming out now. Must be a scratch? Dunno, vet comes today at 11. Will give you an update after he leaves....
Wow. Flashback to when MAXIMUS had lacerated his cornea, and was pawing at his eye, rubbing it on the floor, and shaking his head. Fortunately, we have an EMERGENCY VET CLINIC 10-minutes away,
and off we went. I'm glad I did ---- Maximus had a Lacerated Cornea, and Entropion. So he got Antibiotic eye drops, eye ointment, pain eye drops and of course an E-Collar to wear.........until he could
be seen by an Opthamologist Veternarian. I do hope Tidus is ok ......do let us know how he made out at the Vet. Aren't there any ER Clinics around that work weekends in your area ?
He is much better, the ointment the vet prescribed seems to be working. It has just taken longer than I thought to heal up. :eek:

Yuna is doing better too since the dog food change.

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