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  • Hello. I came across your page after searching for reasons why my english bulldog puppys face is pink. I saw that you had a similar problem a few years back with your bully. My puppy too has been fed Eukanuba puppy food from his breeder. Along with the pink face, he also has red little bumps on his chin that appear like pimples.

    Were you able to figure out if this was an allergic reaction? My english bulldog pup looks very similar to Maximus (red/white piebald)!

    SO cute. Please let me know if you have any solutions to this problem.
    Hey :hiya: Hope Max is healing well and very quick :) Things and life has been hectic so I havent been on in 2-3 days and Oh boy I hate missing one day on here lol Brutus is doing good and getting big! I just weighed him yesterday and he is 58lbs :eek: I cant pick him up that much anymore :( Give hugs and kisses to Max from us :)
    I noticed a good change when I switched Brutus's food...Some of the skin allergies could be food related but with this pollen this year who knows! Yes I am one of those that knows most of the exits LOL My family had a house in PA for weekends/summer it was in Arrowhead Lake. Hope all goes well ...BTW My name is Roe...Keep me posted and always here if you need
    Oh poor baby! Sorry you and Max have to go through this...I know it sucks when our babys have to have surgery! Hoping all goes well which I know it will and a speedy recovery! keep me posted! I am a GSP girl! Always down the shore and to AC but I have been in Jersey all my life so Im kinda used to it! LOL Not so bad! :)
    I would get a second opinion before having another surgery! I have heard of some using drops and it seems to help and prevent surgery...I would post a thread and see what others have done! :) Tinton Falls Animal Hospital is right off Garden State Parkway its very easy to get to and they are amzing with bullies! :) Here if you need nything
    I use Garden State in Tinton Falls and they are amazing! I recommend everyone1 with a bullie to see them! :) Hoping things are well with Max :)
    Hey just wanted to say hi! I am too from Jersey! Union county...What vet are you using for Maximus? I read your post about his entropian///Hope all is going well! He is such a handsome boy!
    How is Maximus doing?? I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Maximus, a little late but Happy Birthday to Him!! And how is your back??
    HI just wanted to check in to see how your guy was doing? are the cyst any better. I did answer your thread.. Duke had these often.. the epsom salt baths helped too. Hope all is well!
    Patrick, just checking in to see how Maximus is doing. I know you had some bowel issues before and I recommended the digestive enzymes...everything better? does he have a final diagnosis?
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