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Jul 11, 2016
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hi everyone - new here and have a 3mo old bully. ( my brother is on his 3rd bully so familiar with breed) I just started to switch his food from Purina Pro plan focus puppy to the Berkley and Jenson (BJ's brand). I had read dogfoodadvisor and was not thrilled with reviews for Purina. Its been a little over a week and I have been gradually switching but my poor baby has loose stools. After reading some threads, I may be overfeeding him? He was eating 3x day as I read on some other bulldog sites to feed 3x and vet said it was ok since he was growing :/ I am gong to try to cut back and see if that helps. anyone has suggestions? he goes to vet in 3 wks for his 2 round of immunizations. And he is teething bad!!!
any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.:)

How much in each feeding?

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:welcome2: to EBN!

I don't have any advice really... could be overfeeding, or the food switching, or a bug, or the teething:unsure: Hope his poopies comes right<3
Is the new brand grain free and designed for puppies? Sometimes it can take a while to adjust to a new food. I agree to try and cut back to 2 times a day and see if that helps.
Welcome to EBN. Jewel and Bentley say hello.

You might try pure pumpkin puree (i.e. not the pumpkin pie filling as it has spices in it). A tablespoon with his kibble.

I agree with gang here, cut back on the amount, and as Roger mentioned add 1TBSP of Pure Pumpkin once a day, in the kibble or like Ellie who just eats hers right off the spoon.

Keep us posted!!
Welcome!! I looked at Berkley and Jensen's ingredients. It looks like a good food. The only couple of things I noticed is the lack of probiotics and chelated minerals. Non-chelated minerals don't absorb as well, but are still beneficial. Perhaps if you add some probiotics to the food it will help with digestion and ease the diarrhea.
[MENTION=16104]Tangersmom[/MENTION], We just got an EB puppy a few weeks ago. He'll be 14 weeks on Tuesday. I was in the exact same spot as you were, except with the addition of uncontrollable salivation (i.e if he slept on my chest, after two hours my entire shirt was soaked). The loose stool and excessive salivation turned out to be teething related, if that helps at all...


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