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Jul 21, 2011
Hi everyone,
I am new to the site, and owning bulldogs. I am eager to meet you all, and looking forward to the wonderful resource this place must be. Pictures and stories soon to follow ... !
Welcome to the site, hope you like it as much as I do....... Still waiting on the pics. :hahaha:
:welcome:Do you have a bully????? Tell us your story ;) :D
Welcome [MENTION=2837]Tedder[/MENTION] hope to here more about you and your bully or future bully :)
Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more about yourself and your bully. :)
Thank you all for your warm welcome. Our new English Bulldog (Pepper) is 12 weeks old today, and we have had her for a week and a half. The day after we got her, she came down with a sinus infection - the vet put her on antibiotics right away. Tomorrow will be her last day on the stuff, and she is back to being an energetic, happy puppy again. For the first 48 hours, as new puppy owners we were really upset, and knowing about incubation periods for bacteria, we started to question where we had got her from. I am very embarrassed to say that, despite the extensive research (for 2 years!) that I had done on bulldogs and breeders - the right questions to ask, and what to look for, and so forth, I made an impulsive decision with Pepper, and bought her from somewhere I really shouldn't have. Consequently, we have had NO support from them, and have actually alerted the SPCA.
Be that as it may, we are so in love with Pepper, and ecstatic to 'have her back' after a couple of days of extremely low energy and goopy nose. I am already supplementing probiotics, and will be combing to health/diet portion of the site for advise on other supplementation to bolster immunity and hopefully prevention for hip dysplasia.
Attached is a picture of our baby:
Awww... she is a cutie! Dont beat yourself up about where she came from. Just move forward and tackle issues as they come. Enjoy her! Thanks for sharing.
Welcome and Pepper is so adorabull dont worry about where you got your baby You did the best thing for it by getting the problem resolved as quick as possible and Pepper is grateful that you purchased her and taking good care of her
Welcome, she is adorable! Funny how impulse takes over where all common sense should. You have her now and lets just hope that she is a healthy girl from this point on. Good job starting with good nutrition for her, that is the best way to keep her healthy for sure. Dont be shy, ask away. Even if the questions have been asked before we always have new members joining who may have more insight than what was previously posted on an old question.

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