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  • Oops I got booted off. See the tabs up above, on the 3rd row there's one called Bully Market. Choose that one and that's where you'd find it. That's also where you can buy many other things your Bully Bucks that you accumulate here. Things like awards, colors for your text, post, etc. Have fun. :D Oh congrats on your marriage. I was ease dropping tool :sunny:
    sorry, was just eaves reading on Becky's page and couldnt resist popping by to say congratulations on getting married. I hope you had a wonderful day :dancing:
    Oh and I hope Katie feels better soon xx
    Don't forget a coupon for MilkBones... LOL
    you can go to that FEATURES link above and click on bully market . I guess every time you post its worth a few ppoints you can use for this/that or the other
    I,m sorry for not being in contact to see how things have been going.I remodeled and did an inventory change at my shop and getting ready for a touring schedule next month.
    I am really pleased to hear how well you two have been doing. Its amazing isn't it? Its like a different dog took over your Bully's body LOL......Keep in touch and let me know how things progress and if you need any help be sure to let me know and I'll help as much as I can.
    Wonderful,,, I am really happy for you
    Yeah I know they beatiful as puppies and as adults....but its just that chucky is so little and delicate but I'm really exited to see him grow ....I see chucky the same size as the he was 8 weeks old but all the people say he is not he is way bigger but for me he is the same lilttle guy;) ....so how is Katie with his health? Like do she has health issues or do she has insirance...I'm sry if I'm to noisy I just want to get prepared when chucky gets older...I know they have a lot of health issues but how has been your experience with Katie
    hii, thank u Katie is adorable as well...omg i cant imagine my lil Chucky as big as katie is , he is just around 3 months old and i really cant imagine him in another moths when he gets bigger hehe
    Your Bully's agression behavior My family,especially my father trains service dogs . We know quite a bit about behavior issues and how to how to train dogs. I have a few good friends who have worked with Bullys for decades. I have had the same issues as you so you are not alone. Rather than post to a threard if you would like some pointers that I honestly feel will help you then please write back and I will share what I did for my Bully who was also agressive. I retrained her of the behavior and you can also.
    Thank you for the compliment on my photo she is now at the stage where she is filling out the wrinkles hopefully she will get them back again
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