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Sep 16, 2010
Toronto, Ontario
Bulldog(s) Names
The Stig Racecar Driver and (Sweet Angel) Punkin Brutus
Are there any words that your bully responds to very well?

For example, Stig always reacts to 'treat'. He'll drop everything he does and follow us towards his bag of treats. We say this word whenever we find him doing something he's not supposed to do and being his stubborn self and not listen when we ask him to stop.

He also knows the word 'dinner'. He'll run towards the kitchen and look back at us if he notices that we're not following. I swear you can see the frustration in his face when he feels that he's been tricked, so we definitely have to be certain that a meal's coming when we say that word. If not, he'll definitely mope around.

Lastly, in the morning he'll jump off the bed when I say 'school'. You can really see the smile on his wrinkly face because he knows he's going to spend the day with his friends in doggie daycare.
Wiggle butt. She gets all wiggly and nubby. She loves giving lovins.
If I say it..I see four ears perk up. Orion will run and sit by her dish. Lower lip quivering.
Vegas will jump up even if he appears to be completely zonked out.

Orion freaks over "bye bye"

She is at the door waiting before I realize that she's misunderstood me.
"Nummies".....sometimes that is the ONLY way he will stop what he is doing. And immediately runs to the kitchen, sits on his chunky booty, and stares at his snack cabinet.
Mmmmmmyumyumyumyum gets her out of any mischief and into the kitchen patiently waiting for a treat.

Breakfast, gets her excited wiggly butt sat squirming next to her dish.

"Face wash" sends her running for cover. :lol:
For Izzie - it is 'Wanna go for a ride' - she cocks that head to the right and then runs for the back door waiting for us to get her leash and head to the cars. Our newest - Abbie which is 12 weeks - will stop everything and come running for the word quickly they learn about food.....wonder why? lol
Brutus also know the word "hungry". You ask if he's hungry and he runs right over to where the food is and stares til you feed him.

He also reacts to "silly boy". I'll ask him if he's being silly and he gets the wiggles even more and then eventually rolls over and shows you his belly lol.
Big Mac will run right through a person if he has to when he is on his way to "car", "work" or "walk".
our dogs are bilingual and they respond to the same word in both languages the same. Kibble/brokjes, out/buiten. car/auto, cookie/koekje.... He knows them all..

And we have only had him for almost a year and we picked him up at French speaking people. So he is some smart cookie :-)
All the dogs respond to "cookie", the timer going off (this means Bella's food is done incubating and time to eat), "Go" "camping" or "camper" "sissy" "Bubba". Sophie gets all excited and runs to the door when she hears "Chinese", that means a car ride while we got out for Takee Outee.
Well, "walk" is pretty popular here. Not so much a word... but a sound for BabyGirl. As soon as she hears the fridge door open and the slice cheese cellophane paper rattling, she knows it means I want her to go to her room. Before I can look up she is already sitting dutifully in the middle of her pen like a good girl waiting for her cheese treat.
Bye-Bye= front door and crying, Eat or Treat = running to the kitchen, nie-nie = going to his crate at night and laying down at night, Who's here?= running to the front door and sitting patiently I guess he knows lots of words but has selective hearing at times, never about food, he hears very clearly then.
nope not really,just the clanking of food bowls lol,i think the words she recognises is OIEE i think she thinks its her name now lol,she knows leave it,mmm sounds like shes constantly getting told off,well shes 10 months now and a proper mare!!!,only behaving when shes asleep which she only does after a feed really,karen
Treat, Princess, Duck, Ball, Bone, Baby, Supper or Breakfast all cause frantic tail tip wiggles, and some dancing.
Outside is recognised, but doesn't elicit quite the same response.
"Silly puppy" is one Gator loves. If you say it, he will flop over onto his back and wiggle back and forth kicking his legs in the air. Of course "Treat" will cause them to go strait to the treat cabinet. When you say "bed time" they both go to their crates. I did it tonight and Lucy looked confused that Gigi was going in her crate. Lucy doesn't like her crate and won't go in there unless you force her. So instead of buying a new one for Gigi, we are just going to let her have Lucy's. I didn't get any complaints out of Lucy as she flopped back down on the sofa!
Whenever i say the words, "mum-mum", Tate starts wiggling his behind and jumps up and down b/c he know it means MEAL TIME! that's the phrase my mom used to say to my baby brother when he was little; he's 13 years younger than me so i used to say that a lot too back in my babysitting days :)

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