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Jan 3, 2017
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Penny & Mac
Hello I am new to the Bulldog forum and I have 2 Bullies one crazy little 8 week old puppy Mac and one very sweet 5 year old Penny .
Both dogs are awesome but I am feeling very concerned as my puppy is very aggressive and the breeder told me he was the most aggressive of all the litter. He is very smart and learns quickly but acts nothing like my 5 year old female. He prefers to sleep alone , play alone , eat alone , this concerns me because I want him to be my companion and he does not seem to want any human affection. Or interaction for that matter. Any advice is much appreciated.

I'm new too, and joined for the same reason you did! Except our Reggie is 19 weeks, and he does enjoy some attention, but very much on his terms.
The advice I have been given so far is to work on general obedience with a clicker and treats - and always use high value treats for things you REALLY want like recall. Reggie is very independant too so recall has been a bit of a nightmare.

Reggie's problem was being separated from his mum & sister too early, so never learning bite inhibition. How big was Mac's litter? Maybe if he was bullying the other pups they chose not to play with him rather than correct him - same result as Reggie though, no bite inhibition or learning of good behaviour.
Also, inconsistant teaching from me & Kev to be honest.
Another thing was, until yesterday he had free control of his toys - so had his own little kingdom. Took his toys away last night (except for a couple of chew as he is teething). Now he has to work for everything, and even last night I saw small improvements.

Maybe your Penny will help too. Even sweet dogs have a level that they just will not tolerate. Perhaps if she tells him off too he'll take a lesson on how to be well behaved.

Good luck to you :)
:welcome3: to EBN!

Your little guy sounds very independent, our girl, Banks was like this. She was not a cuddler nor did she want to interact, till we got our Frenchie, but she would always correct him when she had enough, which Penny will eventually do when she reaches her limit. Banks LOVED children and would do all she could to be near or with them, but adults.... pfft.. she could not have cared less. The only one she really bonded with was my b/f, Banks was his girl, but she still did not snuggle or cuddle - she tolerated our 'loving', but it was apparent she'd rather not. She slept in bed with us, but at the foot and between us, she was incredibly independent and deliberate in all she did, nothing was done by her unless she wanted it that way. She past at the age of 9 and was a 9 year training session... we could not in anyway loosen up on her commands or she would take that for 10 miles. My point is, he may not be 'aggressive' he is most likely dominate and needs to know you are his leader and follow your commands.

Start using 'nothing in life is free' ... very easy and it works!

I would get your baby into puppy classes.. sooner the better this is more about socialization at this time that anything else. The classes are usually an hour long once a week... 30 mins is puppy playtime where they learn to interact with other dogs and the other 30 is teaching you how to command and monitor play time.
Since Mac is still so young and you could try during feeding time sitting on the floor with him and hand feeding him some of his meal while sits close to you. Keep it light and pet him while you feed him; it might help associate good things (food) with snuggling. Also when he's really tired after a long walk or strenuous play try and snuggle him, for example.. while watching tv, sit on the floor but have his bed right next to you so you can pet him and he can feel your presence. I'm not sure if this will help, it's just what I thought of when I read about him wanting to be alone all the time.

Our first bulldog Zeus was very independent and stubborn; he hated to snuggle and would wiggle and squirm to get away. He loved all people but only for them to give him a passing pat on the head, he didn't want them to linger. I was sad about that because my kids were almost grown at the time and I wanted a baby to hold and rock and he wanted no part of it. Dogs each have their own personalities and he might not ever be snuggly. Zeus never became snuggly however he would let us pet him for long periods when he was napping on the couch next to us :-) He was still an amazing, quirky and loveable fur kid... he's the one that got me addicted to bulldogs.

The 2 we have now both will snuggle, but on their terms:tongue:... I think that's the usual.

Regarding the aggressiveness you'll just have keep correcting him and make sure you tire him out with positive exercise. I think as others said puppy training would be great for him. He needs to be socialized (take him to the dog store and let everyone pet him), open the door for the mailman and see if he'll pet him, etc. ... We had a trainer tell us that you want them to meet as many different types of people as you can when they are pups, for example, people of different races, different ways of dressing/uniforms, wheelchairs, bald, canes, etc. When he's done with all of his puppy shots, try a dog park and see how he does with other dogs outside his environment.

Good luck... just my 2 cents.

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