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Feb 4, 2010
Hello I am new to the forum . My wife , son , and I just had to put our English Bulldog to sleep after finding out he had cancer and since he was 11 years old the vets ( three of them ) said it would be best to put him to sleep . He was the best all around dog anyone could ask for hince the reason we want another one . We are not opposed to getting one from a rescue but with our son being 11 years old we would like for him to be young and yes we want another male . We live in Ofallon Missouri , which is a suburb of Saint Louis , we own our home and have a large back yard for him to run , but he would for sure be an inside dog . So if anyone could help point us in the right direction that would be nice . Thank you all for your time Joe Clemens also if you have one locally call me at 636-578-4446


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I hope you find one soon. Share pictures with us when you do and let us know how you get him! And welcome to the community :)


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