I've been a bulldog owner for all of four hours...


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Aug 14, 2010
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I've been a bulldog owner for all of four hours...UPDATED

Hey all,

I'm Candy and I've just adopted/kinda rescued a English Bulldog.

It's an odd story so here it goes.

I do security part time for a condo compex that I live in. It's dark it's storming it's behind off and I'm driving around with that annoying light bar that so many of us have. Any way I've gotten to where I recognize a lot of the dogs in the neighborhood and most of the owners are responsible about having their pets leashed so I was surprised when I saw a dog out in the rain.

Having a huge soft spot for dogs I stopped the car, rolled down the window and clicked and whistled. Then there it was and English Bulldog, soaking wet and looking a little unhappy but I saw the little nubby tail wagging. I opened the door and called to it and here it came bounding as quick as it's legs would take it for the car. It made it to the door and found out it was a little girl, a very friendly little girl.

A very smelly, very wet girl.

She invited herself into my car and crawled over me to the passenger seat. Okay I'm fine with that. I pulled out the flashlight to check her out. She's in great body condition as far as weight. No collar, nails are a little long but her eyes are a mess. It appears she has either an ulceration or a cataract in one eye and it looks and sounds and looks like she may have a respiratory infection.

I drive her over to my place and my husband and I pull one of our dog crates into the living room. We already have two English mastiffs and let her lay down and rest while I try to find her owner. After asking a around I found out who she belonged to.

I knocked on his door no answer.

I finished my shift, went and changed clothes and took my find back over to the possible owners place. I live in a neighborhood where security and law enforcement isn't always welcome so I thought plain clothes and having the dog with me would help. Sure enough it did.

I asked the gentleman that answered if she belonged to him. He said yes but he seemed reluctant. I asked him, are you interested in keeping her? He said he only had her for a couple of months and was thinking of selling her. He admitted that he was only interested in breeding her and selling the pups and he wasn't really interested in her too much otherwise. I told him that she had a couple of health issues that needed to be addressed and asked if he needed help finding a vet. He said he didn't really have the time for her. I asked if I could have her, that I couldn't afford to buy her and get her the vet care that she needed. He said okay and with a hand shake she came home with me.

We have named her Piggy.

I've always wanted a English Bulldog but didn't really plan on having one jump into my lap. So I'm not as prepared as I would like to be but we are going to try and make the family work. It's me and my husband and two mastiffs. Piggy has a great personality and until I can get her to a vet she will have very limited exposure to my other furkids.

Does any one have any tips to help with her respiratory infection until I can get her to a vet likely Monday or Tuesday?

Wow thanks for the very warm greetings!

As much as I can't stand Banfield I did run her over there this morning to treat her eyes and respiratory issues. She had a lot of discharge coming from her eyes and nose with some coughing last night and I wanted to make sure she would be safe around my other furbabies.

She has a little bit of a cold. Her eyes on the other hand are a mess. She was diagnosed with a chronic dry eye condition that will require daily drops to keep her eyes moist. Her right eye is also badly ulcerated but the Banfield vet thinks that the meds will clear it up. I'm taking her to my vet in the next couple of weeks for follow up but otherwise she seems healthy.

Now here's the kink to the story. She IS micro-chipped. The chip was never registered so I have the number for the maker and hopefully we can begin to track down her original vet or breeder and see if she actually has a good home already that she has been separated from.

She has been with someone that has obviously loved her before. She's very well behaved in public, LOVES LOVES LOVES anyone that stops and talks to her and overall she's been interacting well with my mastiffs when she has had limited interactions with them.

I'll make a new thread with pics tonight or tomorrow morning.
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May 5, 2010
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Welcome Candy and Piggy. Boy have you come to the right place! I am so happy that you saved that baby from a life of mindless breeding. I get so annoyed with people who only see $$$$ when looking into a beautiful bully face. Bless you for saving her. Hopefully she doesn't have a respitory infection. These babies make alot of noise you wouldn't think could ever come from a dog. Snort, snoot, snot, snore........they do it all. They are so loud!! When Vegas had respitory stuff going on (pneumonia) we stuck him in a small bathroom, turned on the hot shower, and created a room full of steam. We then patted on his chest and incouraged him to cough (we did this several different ways INCLUDING mimicking a coughing sound.....us bulldog owners think they understand every word and action) We would repeat this action several times a day. It helps loosen the crud and makes breathing easier. Be prepared for lots of love and licks. You are in for a ride! Glad you found us! And we need pictures of this lovely Piggy!


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Jul 28, 2010
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Hi Candy and Piggy,

You did a good job !
I am Sjaak from the Netherlands.
I have one English Bulldog, Bono and he is almost 5 yrs old.
Welcome to this bulldogforum.
Why do you think she has a respiratory infection ?


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Jun 23, 2010
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Welcome to our family. It is wonderful that you have saved Piggy's life. Who knows what would have happened to her. I have had no experience with respiratory problems, so I can't give you any advice. You are, however, at the best place to find it!

Again Welcome. I look forward to seeing pictures.


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Jan 28, 2010
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Hello Candy and Piggy :) What a cute name! I am glad you have found us. What signs/symptoms does she have? Snotty nose? Dirty ear canal? Boogery Eyes? Fast labored breathing? Coughing/gagging?

I sure hope she is going to be okay- and yes, we would love some pictures of your new baby. :)


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May 29, 2010
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Hi Candy and Piggy,
Sounds like piggy found the right person to love and care for her. Can't wait to see pictures of her.


Mar 28, 2010
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Oh my gosh she was meant to be yours! What a story you 2 have already. She knows you saved her and will love you even more for this! I also have no experience with respiratory problems but I like Libras advice. I would for sure gether to the vet as soon as possible to make sure she is indeed healthy and of course safe for yuor 2 other pups. I am guessing you have a good vet already but you may wanna find the local bulldog vet just to do the once over and make sure she is in bully health since they seem to be more of a tricky breed. I cant wait to se pics of her and the whole family, this site will help you with all your questions, just ask. Glad you found us and so happy for your new bully!

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Jul 17, 2010
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Big congrats to you and Piggy. She is so lucky you found her! I would look for a vet in your area that knows Bulldogs, there are some vets who sort specialize in Bullies, or at least know more about treating them than some do. Bless you for removing her from her other owner!


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Jun 16, 2010
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Welcome Candy && Piggy! :)
It was destiny for you && Piggy to be together! :D I can't wait for you to post pictures of this beautiful blessing Piggy!
You have such a kind heart Candy for helping && saving a life! I just don't understand how people can be so cruel && mean sometimes to these poor animals. They do nothing but give use unconditional love! I do hope you keep us updated on Piggy's health && may she get better!! :bully:


Aug 4, 2010
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Welcome and I look forward to seeing Piggy's pics.

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